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Sarah is probably the coolest kid to ever walk on TIP property! She is the beautiful, gorgeous, sweetie-hun-bestie-fiancee to Patricia! She is such a rebel but later, some kids decided that she is actually a "Good Little Church Girl." She took Modern Medicine (but she was cheating on it because she obviously loved MOCK TRIAL more!) Her roommate that year was Grace. Her RC was Hiromi. Hiromi loved her so much, because Sarah was always so nice of course!

Sarah first met her (future) wife on Wednesday (I think). She was wearing a white V-neck (from Aerospostale?) and skinny jeans. Her hair was in a bun/ponytail and she was the most beautiful girl Patricia had ever seen! She was also wearing a green lanyard (obviously!) and Patricia and Sarah were with Lizzy! smeagol They were playing zombie apocalypse, which Madison was organizing. Before they started playing, Patricia wanted to go ask a little short kid with brown hair if he wanted to play (for very secretive reasons... the only people with enough clearance to know were Sarah and Patricia since theyre cool cats..obviously...jk a lot of people knew). But Patricia didn't want to go to a boys room by herself! I mean who would want to do that?? So she kindly asked Sarah to come with her ;) (jk she actually grabbed her arm and begged her to come with her but since Sarah's such a nice person, she agreed). And the little short kid, being the little short kid he was, changed his mind and decided not to play, because hes kind of stupid and judgmental (Sarah knows why). This was also the time Austin the RC first yelled at them. He was all like, "Ladies, y'all are entirely too close to that room." They were like five feet away. So they decided to hide in the glass lounge at the end of the instructor/office hallway. So they went there and flipped a table over to hide behind it! (So smart! I know I know) But after waiting for a while, they got bored since the hiding place was such a good hiding place and no zombies found them! So they went out and a zombie found them so they ran and screamed down the office hallway to their hiding place, but unfortunately a person came out and told them to stop. This was one of the first times Patricia and Sarah got in trouble together <3 Afterwards, Sarah and Patricia went downstairs to the atrium and Patricia told Sarah her life story. It was very dramatic. And kind of boring, but whatever.

Sarah also does not like RC's to call her Tipster. SO DON'T DO IT. She also doesn't like pants, but sadly they're mandatory.

One time, Sarah decided to open a fire extinguisher, but when she did the glass broke!!! And although Sarah claims she did, Patricia did NOT run away screaming. She was just running away. But Austin, the RC, unfortunately caught them. But they did not get in trouble because it obviously wasn't their fault. Also Austin hates Sarah. First Sarah was in her suite mates room after lights out! And when Austin knocked on their door, the suite mate accidentally opened the door while Sarah was in there she got in trouble. The same night, Austin caught her staying up after lights out AGAIN. When asked what they were doing, her roommate sadly blamed Sarah and told Austin that she was eating. But everyone has midnight snacks! It's perfectly normal of course. But unfortunately Austin told her that she should've eaten earlier. How rude.

Another time, Sarah and Patricia went to the carnival together. They sang a beautiful version of What Makes you beautiful. It was perfect. They knew all the words and stayed perfectly together with the music. Obviously ;)

And the whole day they worked really really hard to go in the bouncy house! This was also when Sarah taught Patricia how to cut by association. Which worked very well. (this was also the time Patricia stubbed her toe and she made Sarah come with her to the office only to find out that her toe was actually okay. And btw she was not the one with toe problems) (this was ALSO the time they practiced their arm wrestling skills)

Anyways they finally got to the bouncy house! After a while Austin told us to get out. and Sarah was like (very politely) "That wasn't five minutes yet." and Austin was all like "don't sass me! You're trouble!" (he remembered the night before when he rudely barged into Sarah's room after lights out)

Sarah also had a habit of skipping family dinners to sit at the booths by the dirty dishes rack. She also had to get up to get water a lot. And coincidentally Patricia needed water at the same time.

On the last day, Sarah and Patricia were walking down the second floor hallway. Patricia had just finished a carton of chocolate ice cream and she threw it in the trash. But her hands were way too chocolatey! So she wanted to wash them! But they were on the second floor and they couldn't go into a guys room! But washing hands is way more important. So they decided to go into a boys room because YOLO. and Sarah saw an open door so she kicked it open, but there was someone in there! It was a mom! and a little girl! So they ran to the third floor! But another boys room was open and seeing that there were no RC's around and they might loose their chance, they ran in and washed their hands!

Later they were on the second floor just standing in the hallway and Austin was like girls you're blocking the hallway! And tis floor time! Sadly this was one of the last times Austin yelled at them. :'(

Anyways Sarah and Patricia stayed on the second floor. And Alex's and Conner's (?) door was open so they decided to go in!!!!!! It was very weird. The beds were very tall. and in the connected room there was colored popcorn in the trashcan. And since Patricia loves to eat popcorn out of trashcans, she wanted some, but Sarah wouldn't let her eat it. :(

Suddenly they heard knocking on the door!!!! what if Austin was there? They went to hide in the closet when Sarah told Patricia to look through the peephole. Patricia didn't understand her. When she finally did, she saw that it was only Ann Ann LiWHO IS OBVIOUSLY AMAZING TOO! And they went out and no RC's ever knew.

Sarah did a LOT more than this. but sadly, we cant write everything down. She's just too cool like that.

Sarah is seriously the coolest, prettiest, smartest, funniest, amazing-est, nicest, hippest, snazziest kid out there. If you ever see her then like bow down or something. Because she's soooooooooooooooooo awesome. I heart her more than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I said I want your body know would you hold it against me? Cuz Baby you light up my world like no body else! so call me maybe???

Once after tip, she was reunited with her wife. She traveled to OK and went to her house. she started resting her head on my kitten mittens named fuzzy wuzzy.

She liked to play on ipads even though she thought they were awkwardly large. once she was born in TX sorry I was so annoying last can feel free to delete anything I've written^

Sarah came to East campus term II. She was in Niki's RAG and was put up in the same room as her best friend Patricia, who was also in the same class. She took CTA and was the smartest second year in the class, proving she would be a great attorney and that you can get by with only paying attention for 15% of class. She lived by the motto "If your not doing it correctly, your probably doing it wrong." In class, she was on WHS^2's team and helped them get a lot of points. During the final trial, Sarah teamed up with Baasit, Andrew, Rihan, Erica, and Nicholai to go up against the legendary Don Donelson and his TA Benji. Unfortunately some people (Nicholai) don't know that Quattroporte means four doors, and they lost the trial. Sarah did a fantastic job however, on her examinations for witnesses, where she always encouraged them to "Tell me more." Outside of class Sarah was very popular with the guys, due to her stunning beauty and was chased after by a few boys. At the first dance she met Malcolm, and despite their height differences, got together. However, that ended the day after. She moved on and made a ton of new friends, including her fourth year bestie, Baasit. *Fun Fact: The first time Baasit tried talking to Sarah, she thought he was flirting with her, even though he was just trying to be friendly, and was already in llove with Hailey.* At QuadFest she showed a lot of spirit by painting all of her limbs red, but despite her best efforts, she and the rest of the second years got creamed by the fourth years in Alspaugh. She's really nice and understanding, and was always there if you needed her. On top of that, she was a shit load of fun, and you couldn't stop her from making jokes. Sarah and Dylan met through a mutual friend and got together for the last week of TiP. Sarah will continue to go on to East term II next year (hopefully) and is gonna be an amazing third and fourth year. If you ever meet her, immediately become friends with her because she is without a doubt someone that you want in your life.