Hailey Wozniak

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Hailey Noel Wozniak. Unfortunately, I only knew her for one term, but knowing Hailey at all is a huge blessing really. At first glance, one can hardly believe that they're not staring at an angel when they see Hailey. As beautiful as any girl who has ever come to TiP, she's not hard to miss. Hailey has long blonde hair, which always smells nice, and makes her look like a princess when it shines in the sun. She also has eyes which are more beautiful than any masterpiece, or anything that can be created by man. Her eyes are truly miraculous, and you have to resist the temptation of staring at them all day when you see her. The depth of her personality is equally astonishing to her extreme good looks. Hailey is the kindest and most caring TiPster that you could meet, and also very intelligent. Besides being one of the best TiPsters ever, she is also an amazing human being.

Her intelligence was on display during her fourth year when she took Criminal Trial Advocacy with the legendary Don C. Donelson III. She always came to class a little bit later than the rest of the crowd, but was the best dressed student, one of her favorite clothing items being her faux fur coat. She was a part of the team WHS^2 during the in class competition, and her plea bargaining skills would spell grave danger for the rest of the class. She actually came up with the name for her team, and was an inspirational leader to her teammates. Hailey took notes diligently (very diligently) and did very well. She also created math problems for herself to solve whenever she was bored, which was extremely cute to Baasit who always tried to sit next to her in class. Besides math problems, Hailey is an extremely good artist and drew marvelous eyes on her papers, fitting since her eyes are truly masterpieces themselves. In class, she was the recipient of a myriad of hearts, which were crafted from gum wrappers. When she focuses she has a special look on her face, and it's obvious that she's in deep thought. It's hard to tell what's going on in her beautiful mind, and she showed how smart she was every time she was called on to contribute to the discussion. She obviously has what it takes to be an attorney, but will do well in whatever it is that she does. Her visit to the court house was especially interesting, most notably when the judge decided to walk out on the court during the session. She also wore a lot of Baasit's hats, all of which were too big for her, and she rocked all of them.

Outside of class, Hailey was basically friends with everyone she met, being especially close to Sarah Welsh, who was the SMP. Sarah and Hailey would often walk together and discuss everything that was going on in the term. Every morning after she did her run, Hailey would come to breakfast and meet all of her friends, like Courtney, Anna, Gabriella, Meredith, Julia, Grace, Kyle, Michael, Nicholai, Lawrence, Sam, Jon, and one boy named Baasit who especially liked Hailey. Hailey's infectious positive attitude each day kept everyone ready for a new day, and everyone loved her for that. Hailey also took many photos to remember her fourth year, an action which is greatly appreciated as the fourth years that term would all benefit from her photography and the memories which they captured. During the first week of the term, before he got in trouble, Baasit would often give his lanyard to Hailey to wear, and she would watch over it and make sure it wasn't lost (most of the time). Hailey and Baasit also managed to perfectly twin one day, wearing the same colors coincidentally (great minds think alike). Hailey also was able to discover her quasi-Muslim faith during the term, something which I'm sure she would never have thought possible before TiP. Hailey loved the activities at TiP, including watching Pride and Prejudice, and studying Advanced Burrito Eating.

Hailey participated in the Varsity Twerk Team's act for TiPsync, which was so hot it was disqualified. Before Quadfest at the paint fight, Hailey was one of the few people who had experience with paint flinging, having been in the fourth year dorm last year, and dealt out a lot of pain(t). Ha, get it? During Quadfest, Hailey was part of Alspaugh, where the fourth years were housed, and helped Alspaugh to victory. Hailey was also a regular to Story Time with Dev, an awesome RC with whom she'd become very close. Dev and Hailey regularly talked to each other about life, philosophy, and the constitutional law textbook which they shared. At the end of the term, Hailey and Sarah teamed up for the Talent Show, in which the duo performed "First Day of My Life." While they were getting on stage, someone yelled "I LOVE YOU HAILEY," very very loudly, but Hailey was so focused on performing that she didn't hear it. Hailey and Sarah did a spectacular job, both singing and playing piano, and got a standing ovation once they were finished. They were easily one of the best acts of the night.

Hailey made TiP better for everyone she met, and was a marvelous fourth year.

She especially made my term amazing. Without a doubt the best time of my life. When Hailey and I were together I was happier than I had ever been, and I would literally scream and shout in happiness, sorry to everyone whose ears I hurt btw. Hailey was undoubtedly the most special part of TiP for me, and I couldn't ever do anything to express all of my love to her. No amount of words can truly do her justice. All the time we spent together was magical, and she made every day seem like a dream. Hailey left on the earliest car to the airport on the last night. 4:40 AM. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

Hailey is a phenomenal human being and was an amazing TiPster. TiP is going to miss her, but she'll be off to great and wonderful things in the future, no doubt. Love you always Hailey.