Ann Li

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st Trinity University II Math Prassel Hall Leslie Christina
2012 2nd Trinity University II Lab Sciences Prassel Hall Hiromi Carolyn
2013 3rd Duke East II Big Screen, Little Screen: Writing for the Camera Brown Lucrecia Tessa

She be rockin awesome. And chinese. Ann is also really really good friends with Smeagol. Haha....Smeagol.....good times...good times... LOL we love her! Ann is friends with everyone and is doing the list for the TIPsterhood of the Traveling Banner. Ann has long black hair and pretty brown eyes. She loves art and photography and has a $1400 camera which takes AMAZING photos. She was like, the unofficial photographer of Trinity. She be BFFLs with Odelia. They are last day buds. Ann eats lotsa AZN food. She speaks pretty good Mandarin. She is also super skinny, lives in Texas and does track and cross country. I think. Ann owns an iPad which she uses to Skype with all her buddies on.

John and Yoko

On the first day of TIP East Term 2, 2013, Ann and her fellow companion, Audrey, were walking around campus. While they were doing that, Tommy Bui was watching funny Vines with his friends in the kitchen of Brown. Little did they know that their lives were about to change. Ann and Audrey walked through the kitchen. Tommy looked up and said "Hi, my name is Tommy!". At that moment he saw the most perfect TIPster who had ever roamed the Duke East campus. Of course, Ann didn't say "hi" back. She actually thought he was a douche (he still probably is). The next 2 weeks consisted of Tommy staring at Ann's booty during the TIPsync, scaring Ann with his strange and sexual etiquette, etc. Interactions such as walking to class, the borrowing of clothes for cross dressing, and akward lunches painted the first two weeks of TIP for these two lovebirds.

During the quad fest meeting, after Ann came back from the picture framing evening activity, Tommy decided not to act like a total dick fuck, sat on the ping pong table, and talked to her. He doesn't remember what they talked about, because it was probably small talk, and Tommy thinks small talk is the biggest load of horse fuck. After sitting there and realizing that Ann is the perfectest person in the world and that if he doesn't act soon, he will regret it for the rest of his life, Tommy decided that he will ask Ann to the dance with him the very next day. The idea seemed fool proof. It didn't play out so well like he planned it to. The first slow song came on, and Tommy spent half the song looking for Ann. Apparently Ann had to take a RAG photo. Then, Iris came on. This song later became their song. With his hands beseeching for some hips to hold on to while dancing, Tommy went up to Ann and started dancing. She said, "Took you long enough.". He said, "I thought you were avoiding me.". From then on, they danced to every single slow song during the dances. The next week consisted of canoodling in the 3rd Floor cubbies of Brown, snuggling, quad fest, sharpie tattoos, walking to class, holding hands, having nose sex, playing with each other's hair, Malcolm being a douche, a sick ass promposal, TIPprom, Bruegger's, late night Facebook messaging, hours filled with anxiety when they weren't with each other, pictures, Frisbee, spooning, and a final chill.

Finally, there was the last night. From July 26 at 11 PM till 8:40 AM the next day, the two did not leave each other's sight. The night consisted of reminiscing the term, denial that the term is ending, counting down their last hours with each other, trying to annoy themselves so they wouldn't miss each other (didn't work so well, actually made them miss each other more), 5 second power naps, zoning out, canoodling, kissing in the spider man kissing, taking last pictures, signing each other's term book, staring at each other's blank Asian eyes, laughing for no reason, spending half the night for a place to be alone, crying, sniffling, playing with each other's hair, and telling each other MORE. Before Ann hopped on the bus to the airport, they exchanged their final goodbyes. "Hi, my name is Tommy!", he said, "You're fucking beautiful". "Hi, my name is Ann," she said, "You're a douche.". Tommy told Ann to save herself for a nice guy back home who doesn't act like a douchebag, like him. The last few minutes consisted of Tommy staring at Ann's poofy hair figure inthe bus window. Trying to hold back the tears and holding up the Llama sign in his hand, Tommy watched Ann leave.