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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Web Application Development (also known as Web Apps.) Prassel Hall Ingrid Mong Adanna
2013 2nd Duke West I Social Psychology Ellen Maddie T.

Life Story

Odelia was perhaps one of the most boss asians at Trinity. She was pretty cool. She was always wearing this awesome hat called the "1up". It gave her amazing powers, one of which was that she had the ability to be boss in any situation. Odelia is the "Louis" part of 1D-TIP style. She be BFFLs with like.......everyone yo! Including Christina G, Adanna (her roommate), Ann Li, Niles Bern, Harrison Porter, McLean, Alessia, Kpop, Megan DuhGrego, , Marissa H, etc....

Events at TiP

The craziest thing that happened to her while at TIP was the famed "phone" incident. Carlos (her BFFL, btw) stole her phone to see if he could see what was on it, for she had been acting strangely. He ran into his room, and she ran after him. After coming out of his room triumphantly, she was accosted by an "important person". She was not allowed to go to the final dance anymore sadly. Everyone missed her. And didn't have nearly as good of a time. She was allowed to come to the final 30 minutes. Thanks Ingrid!

In 2013 at term 1....Odelia got in trouble again....but it wasn't her fault this time! Some guys (kind of not really because they'd been in there earlier) randomly came in to her and Maddie's room while two other girls were in there. Odelia was out of the room at the time and when she came back multiple people were shirtless. Including a girl. Well everyone put their shirts back on and there was a 10 seconds dance party which a female RC interrupted. Needless to say everyone got caught and in trouble but since it was 4:00 am...no parents could reasonably be called. Odelia then left for the airport 40 minutes later because you know. Her life just sucked.

Odelia is trying to learn how to be narcissistic. McLean is trying to teach her. Odelia is succeeding all by herself! Because she's BOSS like dat.

(2013) Odelia went to the last dance which was Sadie Hawkins themed with Frank Gao. Hannah and Delia helped propose/ask him to the dance.

More Odelia stories

Once, Odelia thought she had to take the plates of the Green team because of Tom Trennery's british accent. It turned out however that what he really said was that the RCs/staff had to take everyone on the Green team's plates. Dumb Brits -_-....LOL jk.

Twice, Odelia snarfled green jello and whipped cream. She cut the top of lip on the stupid plastic cup the stuff was in too. But the jello and whipped cream was really good. And her face looked prettyyyy funny covered with whipped cream and stuff.

Another time, Odelia found a pair of pants in her laundry. Upon finding them she took the shorts to Hannah the RC. Later, on the last day, she found them just lying in the hall so she decided to find the owner. Someone (maybe Ben) saw that they had Fernandes on them written in sharpie. Upon hearing that she realized that they were Hudson Fernandes pants, a boy in her Web Apps class. She leaned on a random door and said,"Hmm...Hudson." The door then opened and Odelia almost fell into (guess who?!?) HUDSON'S ROOM. Since she was dared to do it (and everyone who knows Odelia knows she loves a dare) Odelia then said to Hudson, "Hey you left this in my room last night". Hudson just turned really red and looked super embarrassed and then Odelia fell helplessly to the ground laughing. Hudson then slammed the door shut.

ONE TIME AFTER TIP: Odelia posted on Tom's Facebook wall. She said : "something that shall be added later on"

And, once Odelia said "I LOVE YOU" to Ann Li and Ann said back, "I LUV YOU TOO!!!". Then Odeli might or might not have said one of the quotes below.


  • "Cats don't have faces!" <--in context to memes
  • "You could buy someone's eyebrows" <--explaining this to Alessia and how if I paid her a quarter for a starburst she could do this. Don't ask why.
  • "Yayyyy mutual lovers!!" <--don't even ask why...
  • "BLEGHBLEGHBLEGGERBLOOOBLEGH"<--Meaning varies from time to time