Niles Bern

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Mock Trial Prassel Hall Scott Chris
2014 3rd Duke East I Cryptology and Number Theory Alspaugh Harrison Duco
2015 4th Duke East II Information Security: From Turing to Snowden Alspaugh Torron Will

Niles be a good friend of Ann Li, Kpop, Harrison Porter, Odelia, McLean and like........everyone. He asked Sabrina to the dance and she said yes. They were so cute together. He being like 6 foot and she being like 4'11". Niles has a really really deep voice. He likes pie. And wearing suits ;). He is quite nice. And quiet. He was the official third wheel of LiChi. Also has shaggyish dark black hair. Is it even possible for black to be considered dark? Well duh......ok whatever lol. Niles owns an amazing light up Rubix cube shirt. Which he wore under suits, during field games, and anywhere else you imagine ;). The Rubix cube shirt was battery powered and provided endless entertainment for everyone. Including Odelia. Niles Skypes every now and then....when he's not massaging his broken heart.....HOW COULD YOU SABRINA?!? Lol jk.......they be friends still. P.S he is also MONTH BUDDIES with Marissa H P.S.S. In 2015, he did the One with his RAG. The outcome was disgusting