Marissa H

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Arts and Aesthetics Prassel Hall Andrea Mary

Marissa be da bomb dot com yooo. She be da Eleanor to my Louis. Obviously part of 1D-TIP style. Marissa and Alex were together....but then not. Because of the parental units of his. AWwwwww. However she does own many amazing clothing items from Forever21. Which sorta makes up for it. XD. Like this amazing lace shirt that has a black peter pan collar. Marissa is also called "M'issa". Since this is a cool nickname it was obviously coined by Odelia. She is also the month buddy of Niles Bern


  • My page is so DAMN short... <--NO ITS NOT, not anymore at least
  • Oh Niles! You're also way taller than I will ever be!!! #fivetwoforever <--sadly that is truth spoken right there. Sorry M'issa
  • Who has the 22 pack?!?!?! <--in response to something to do with abdominals and other such manlu muscley things