Harrison Porter

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Arts and Aesthetics Prassel Hall Scott Max

He is quite the fine fellow. Also apparently he has a six pack.....can you imagine an azn with a six pack?!?!? Well.........he is only half....he be half white half Korean and all bad a**. He listens to black people music (not to be racist or anything....). Harrison is known as Harry Potter or the guy who kicks little people in the face(lol jk jk). He owns a bra top. Which McLean made using their Arts and Aesthetics class shirt. It has fringe. And a V-neck (lol Jahlahpehno). He likes pink because well......what man doesn't? Also owns Beats Studios. Which are amazing and block ALL sound out. Except when SOMEONE turns them all the way up *cough*HARRISON DID IT TO Odelia*cough*. Harrison sags. ALOT. He wannabe black. He's also possessive over his socks and has a strange obsession with shoes...*shudder* Harry also wore stripes, plaid and those socks guys pull up to show off. He also sags.


  • i aints no fart <--lol miniscule gastric function...smh
  • I am a bad bad girl! <--idek....
  • He is also a selfproclaimed bad girl <--in ref to ^^