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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st Davidson II Architecture Cannon Hall Kelsey William He
2012 2nd Trinity University II Engineering Problem Solving Prassel Hall Breckenridge Sellers Pappas Carson
2013 3rd Duke East I Brown?

Jahlahpehno was a good friend to many of us. He is also a Mexican. Also 1/4 French. Also known as Carlos. And V-Neck. Though apparently he only brought two to camp, he owns a green one which he wore 3 days in a row. And fajita. He and Odelia are BFFLs!! Carlos might've accidentally stepped on his glasses while getting up and broken them. He also might've taken 5 days to read a 600 page book. BAD NERD. Odelia would've only taken 2 maybe 3. He used to be creeped on by Megan DuhGrego while Odelia distracted him and enjoyed licking people's elbows. He was also creeped upon. She seemed obsessed with making incessant and awkward eye contact, perhaps because of his devilishly attractive Latino features. He was quite nice and let Odelia borrow one of his red v-necks twice. She sprayed it with perfume. Alot. Also, he got a certain person (his BFFL) in trouble because he stole her phone and wouldn't give it back and so she had to go into his room to get it. Oops. But all is good now. Jahlahpehno is from TX and goes to the most expensive private school everrrrrr. He also hangs out with . He now spends his days in retirement, skyping with his friends, and being his usual dashing spicy self. If you need to contact him, just stand in front of a mirror and say the word "DelFuego" three times. He is always watching. He is indeed quie attractive with his frexican nose.

Clothing Style

Carlos wears v-necks alot, hence the nickname. He claims that he only brought 2 with him to TIP, however we can assure you via Skype we found out he owns at least 53. Jahlahpehno shops at H&M (though he is not gay(though many wish he was;))) and Rue21 and anywhere he can buy 27x32 size jeans. Carlos needs an update in style and should really consider shopping at Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie, Forever21 Men's, places like that. However, he has improved in how he carries his messenger bag thanks to (of course) Odelia. He could take some tips from hipster Kpop, Ann Li's boyfriend.