Megan DuhGrego

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st Trinity University II Engineering Problem Solving (EProb) Prassel Hall Rebecca Raena
2012 2nd Trinity University II Creative Writing Prassel Hall Hannah Kitty (Katherine)
2013 3rd Duke West II Genetics Kilgo Morgan Wendy
2014 4th Duke West II Physics of Energy Kilgo Erin Briana


So Megan had a fun time in Engineering with her cool friends, was Matt who like the Dallas Cowboys (actually it was just cause Matt borrowed Trevor's hat...which he wasn't happy about..) on Opposite Day, made fun of the guys and their 'fist- pumping techniques' at the dances (she even had a handshake with Teresa and Jessica mocking them), and overall had an awesome time.


Megan be amazing. She creeped on Jahlahpehno while Odelia distracted him. She always made funny creeper faces and hands. Megan is quite pretty and has the most beautemous eyelashes. Her nicknames are (obvi!) DuhGrego, Alexa, Meggie, Creeper, Stalker, and any other synonyms of the afore mentioned. She has been to TIP before but did not enjoy nearly as much that term as she did this one. DuhGrego has big pretty hair that she hates but is really enviable. Her good friends who have TiPWiki pages are Odelia, Jahlahpehno, and Daniel balledos. She was in creative writing, creative spelling, creative grammar, and creative punctuation taught by Thomas the cheeseburger and Laura the zombie hunter. Her bestest friends in that class were Olivia, Sophia, Meagan Puckett, Mary, Madison, and Imani. They had many fun times writing about zombie apocalypses, flying purple llamas,

This is the story of Tiger Fest Day (go red team!):

Ok, so it starts out with Odelia and Megan hanging out. They are sitting around when they decided to creep/poke Carlos. Actually it started out with Carlos saying, "Someone could slit your throat like thattt." Do not ask how this came up. We do not know. Well in retaliation, Odelia started trying to poke Carlos in the stomach. Since she did not do martial arts, she mostly just got slapped on the arm. Megan tried to help. Odelia failed, but Megan is a master Asian ninja so she did ok. Carlos began poking them in the stomach. The pokes hurt Odelia alot. Then Megan and Odelia teamed up and while Carlos was distracted by one of them, the other poked him as many times as they could. They also got a good water bottle splash on him. The RCs, Breck and Hannah tried to help once. It did not help at all. Megan was quite the genius in coming up with many other ways on creeping, since she is the Creeping Master. Once it involved popcorn, which no one truly remembers. <--true dat


She was friends with Christina G and Mitchell So. Her RAG, Morgan's Princesses was the best. The first Saturday there was TiPlympics, which is like Quadfest but more athletic. Her RAG and Julian's RAG made up team Estonia and won 1st place. Then for Quadfest, Morgan's RAG was with Julian's RAG, another 3rd year guys RAG and another 4th year guys RAG. They had the best gladiator-style entrance and won first place there too. Later that night was TiPsync. Morgan's RAG had the cutest dance to Taylor Swift's 'You Belong With Me.' Megan played the cheerleader. It involved slapping Alex S. and a 10 second costume change. They made it to the top 4 and lost to Julian's RAG in a dance-off. Yeah it was an amazing year.


Her will: I, Megan DelGrego, of snazzy mind and lackadaisical body, hereby bequeath the following: to my class- an answer to life besides "because physics," to my RAG- better Chinese food and awkward paparazzi questions, to Cooper Schaefer- 11.5 analog clocks and competence, to Nathan Ng- more clever puns, to Garrett Stoler- infinite supply of lemon Perrier, to Jenny Lee- Jandals in every color, to Will Wright- another button for your pants, to Andrew Chen- a pair of rollerblading crutches, to Sarah Freeman- nonstrategic card games, to Hudson Fernandes and Cole Forson- barbeque sauce, to Lizzy Patterson- my lacrosse stick, to Keir Jenkins- "you're welcome," to Iggy- snapchat masterpieces, to Christina Gaw- every single wop vine, to Mitchell So- a 'fabulous' orange lanyard, to Ellen McMullen and Alex Kim- unlimited front hugs, to Morgan's princesses- packing peanuts and tutus, and to all 4th years- endless love, happiness, and (American) pie.

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