Mitchell So

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st Trinity University II Introduction to Lab Sciences Prassel Hall Nathan Tuttle Thomas Madden
2013 2nd Duke West II Biology of Cancer Kilgo Julian Council Nick Brown


A break dancer. He tells funny stories and is really flirty. "FABULOUS" He and his RAG had a clean sweep at West, winning TiPlympics (Estonia), Quadfest (Green), and then TiPSync (Come on, Eileen, Tiebreakers: Celine Dion My heart will go on; Wham, Wake me up before you go go) . Then on the following and final week, Julian's Peacocks/the W's brought brooms everywhere, sweeping every door. Mitch also crossed out every name on his hall and put his own down, a prankster apprentice to none other than Michael Koceja. The funny thing was that his prank saved him from having his phone confiscated at night when he accidentally posted on TiP Nation past lights out. He is also a great fencer and loves singing and rapping KPop and assorted Chinese Songs. His best friend is the even more fabulous Megan DuhGrego. Overall he's super cool