Daniel balledos

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Trinity University II Psychology Prassel Hall Kyle (aka Britney) Duncan

Daniel Balledos was a tipster at Trinity Term 2 2012. Later he was described as the "Lazy one." Which hurt his pride since hes asian. He's a psychologist. He went on the morning run practically every morning and ate salads. A lot of salads.

The only time Patricia heard his name was when Madison said that Daniel was her new friend!!!! Which is good I guess because friendships are good!!!!!! Later she met him on Facebook and found out that everyoneeeeeeee was friends with him. One of his bestest friends was Megan DuhGrego.

This person doesn't really know anything about him. So people edit this page!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel was part of the game battle of the sexes the first night in the first floor lounge. Because there were only two girls it was clearly an unfair game so they ended up just reading the cards they wanted to read. The game was broken up by an RC after Sarah Baugh Read the card "You tell him 'Size doesn't matter'" Everyone started laughing and Michael the RC quickly ended that game. He said that we couldn't control what was on the cards but we could control which ones we read. Oops. Battle of the Sexes was also removed from the lounge shortly after. Quite an adventure for the first night, right? (WHAT SARAH???? WHY DIDNT I HEAR ABOUT THIS????!!!!!!! (Wrong Sarah!)

On twin day Daniel was a rebel and decided he would be triplets with Franklin and someone else who I can't remember.

Daniel went to the final dance with Sarah Freeman (not the extremely amazingly cool awesome one mentioned above but is still pretty cool) but that's not really a big deal considering pretty much everyone at trinity had a date to that dance. The counselors had told the boys that they all needed dates to the dance, which may have been the reason for this coupling.

On the final night Daniel was part of the very last American Pie circle at Trinity 2012. It was about 1:29 and the very few tipsters remaining in the lounge decided they wanted more time to soak up each others awesomeness so they started American Pie, knowing no RC would try to end this. RCs and passerby alike joined this unique American Pie circle which of course involved the chanting of "DIE, DIE, DIE!" After the first time he sings this'll be the day that I die, but also featured the chanting of "SEX, SEX,SEX!" after the second time he says it. This was introduced by Kyle the RC and was quickly embraced by all tipsters in the room. Then when the song ended at about 1:38 each tipster had to return to their suite knowing the next day would be one of the worst days ever.

After TIP Daniel became Sarahs Asian parent because everyone needs one and unfortunately if you're white they aren't automatically given to you. He is also her nigga which is quite contradicting.

This is all I know about Daniel and I didn't spend much time with him so I'm sure there's more... Keep editing!