Physics of Energy

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Duke West

Term Two 2013

Also known as 'Apple Class'.


  • Teacher: Colleen
  • TA: Dylan
  • TiPsters:
    • Christina
    • Michelle
    • Jack
    • Nikolas
    • and more which I'll add later (you never added them)

Term Two 2K14

While most of class is spent attempting to understand physics, much of the class time was devoted to praising Tim Howard


  • Teacher: Nyssa
  • TA: Iggy
  • TiPsters:

Inside Jokes

  • Tony is 14
  • Iggy doesn't know our names
  • Iggy loses everyone
  • Iggy is a lost puppy
  • Chessejakes
  • How does one spell elevator?
  • How many sand on beach?
  • Clay is breaking Physics again
  • Keir is playing Minecraft again
  • Nikhil is fighting people again
  • Cooper is looking at schools again
  • Lizzy is eating a cookie again
  • Why is the symbol a U?!?!?!
  • Chinese math...
  • Tim Howard is love, Tim Howard is life
  • Tim Howard is a stud
  • Tim Howard is unreal
  • Tim Howard is Physics
  • Do you want to build a snowman?

Georgia Tech

2014, Term 1


A class in which the students try for the first week, then proceed to play powder toy or goof off most of the class with the exception of kabir and michael #TORQUETEAM2014 We all know who the best student is. DMK ftw


  • Teacher: Amit
  • TA: Evan
  • TiPsters:
    • Conor
    • Charlotte
    • Jonathan
    • Chris
    • Decker
    • Tim
    • Holden
    • Elaine
    • Dominik
    • Elizabeth
    • Mitch/Mitchell
    • Kabir
    • Evan
    • Michael
    • Aaron

Inside Jokes

  • I physic'ed (or however you spell it)
  • Does Elsa even lift?