Jenna Kor

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2013 1st year 3rd year Duke West II Abnormal Psychology Kilgo Cathy Victoria
2014 2nd year 4th year Duke West II Physics of Energy Kilgo Erin Jenna Lillian and Maggie

Jenna started out her TiP adventure as a 1st year 3rd year. She was in Pretty Girl Rag (Cathy's Rag) and was in Ab Psych with 6 of her RAGmates. For TiPsynch, her rag did Survivor by Destiny's Child while she took out everyone with her lanyard. She played in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament and placed 4th. Out of 4 teams.
Jenna is a 2nd year 4th year at West. She took Physics with Megan DuhGrego and Supriya Kohli. For TiPsync, Erin and Kanise's RAGs collaborated to make an amazing FIFA themed dance. Jenna was the glorious Luis Suarez. She also wears chacos practically every day and has an insane tan on her feet from it. She owns and brought numerous cute crop tops which she technically wasn't allowed to wear but she did anyway. Jenna is also a big Doctor Who fan and answered the majority of the Doctor Who questions during TiPial Pursuit.