Supriya Kohli

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st Trinity University II Modern Medicine Prassel Hall Kayla Abigail
2012 2nd Duke West II Social Psychology Kilgo Katie Jenna
2013 3rd Duke West II Neuroscience Kilgo Megan Leanna
2014 4th Duke West II Physics of Energy Kilgo Kanise Wendy and Samantha

Trinity was awesome!!
Not much was known about this year..
Supriya was in Megan's RAG and did a cool Disney mashup for TiPsync, where Supriya played Princess Jasmine. They also threw spoons at the audience but not forks or knives because that was considered dangerous. They were on the blue team for Quadfest and sadly did not win
Supriya was in Physics with Megan DuhGrego and Jenna Kor. She has mastered the art of ERS. She is also known for braiding everyone's lanyards into a bracelet. She is super smart especially with math (well we're at west obviously) but gets extremely excited over calculus. Her favorite pick-up line: If you were cosine^2, I'd be sine^2 so together we would be 1. :D