Jenna Lillian

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2012 1st Duke West II Anatomy, Physiology,& Medical Ethics Kilgo Katie Supriya Kohli
2013 2nd Duke West II Abnormal Psychology Kilgo Cathy Jessie L.
2014 3rd Duke West II Biology of Cancer Kilgo Erin Jenna Kor and Maggie

Duke West 2012, Term II

Jenna entered the TiP world on July 8th, 2012. She was roommates with the amazing Supriya Kohli in room M205 of Kilgo and studied Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical Ethics. She was in Katie's RAG, which was also known as the "Lemonade Stand". Jenna became very close friends with Supriya and Jessica Easum. Katie's RAG was on the blue team for Quad Fest, but unfortunately, they did not win. During her class, Jenna dissected a cat with Sarah Gupta as well as went to the Duke hospital to view simulation procedures. Jenna's most distinctive memory of that year was lip synching to "Umbrella" with her RAG with fancy umbrella choreography.

Duke West 2013, Term II

Her second year at TiP, Jenna was part of Cathy's RAG and studied Abnormal Psychology. Jenna was roommates with Jessie Li in room P004 of Kilgo. Cathy's RAG was placed in the basement of Kilgo and Jenna and her ragmates were often woken up in the mornings by loud people doing laundry. Also the wifi in the basement sucked. Famously known as the "Pretty GIrl RAG", Cathy's RAG performed "Survivor" at TiPsynch in which Jenna Kor hit people with her lanyard and "killed" them. Jenna was yet again on the blue team for Quad Fest and again did not come out victorious. Jenna's class was super chill and her instructor, Kathryn, was so nice. The class mascot was a puma for some unknown reason.

Duke West 2014, Term II

In her fourth year at TiP, Jenna was in Erin's RAG and studied the Biology of Cancer. Her roommates were Jenna Kor and Maggie Redding in room L105. Jenna remembers sometimes wanting to kill Jenna Kor as they spent a lot of time together, perhaps too much time. For their first RAG night, Erin's RAG went to Ben and Jerry's and someone tried to take pictures of Maggie (Nobody was really sure what was going on). Erin's RAG collaborated with the other fourth year girl RAG to perform a FIFA medley at tipsynch. They got third place and are still a little bitter. Erin's RAG was on Red team for Quad Fest and THEY FINALLY WON. Biology of Cancer was LIT. Dom, the TA, was chill and had the hardest jeopardy known to man that actually gave everyone anxiety. The dice of doom served as a threat to anyone who was late to walk to class. Jenna gave a presentation with Adam Tarrant about prostate cancer. She is still very close with Madeline Seagle and Dom. Jenna remembers a lot of crying on the last day, and a little outrage at the venue change of the last dance. On departure day, she was the last of her RAG to leave and had to look at all the empty rooms. Jenna still wants to go back to TiP.