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Clay at ASU in 2012

Clay is a TiPster who attended TiP for four years from 2012 to 2015. He was born and raised in the great city of Atlanta, GA, and now resides in the greater city of New York, NY. He attended ASU, Duke East, and Duke West.

Year Year at TiP Campus Class Dorm RC Roommate
2012 1st ASU Debate White Colin Thomas Vance
2013 2nd Duke East Mobius Bassett Jordan Gave Mintzer
2014 3rd Duke West Physics Kilgo Frank No Roommate
2015 4th Duke East Info Security Alspaugh Adam Felipe Cuellar

Metric System Enthusiasm

Clay is an avid supporter of the metric system. He makes an effort to use it frequently and force others to do the same. He would like to advocate that the metric system is BETTER THAN WHATEVER DUMB SYSTEM THE UNITED STATES STILL INSISTS ON USING and that countries like Canada, England, and Scotland have already changed from imperial units to the metric system, and that it isn't that hard for the USA to do as well. Fun fact: most if not all of the road signs in the U.K. are in imperial units, but the metric system is used as the standard for everything else.

Clay would like to make it known that he weighs 65 kg and is 175 cm tall.

Association with Frankism

Clay was one of the founders of the religious movement known as Frankism. It is said that on the first day of Term II, 2014, he suggested, "Hey, let's start a religion around Frank!" Frank, the RC, said in reply, "No no no no no no," and then left his RAG to go do the skit that is intended to teach TiPsters the rules and do's and don't's of TiP. It was discovered here that Frank is an excellent rapper and that he should be worshipped for his Kanye-like characteristics.

This story is a myth, of course, and should not be believed verbatim. Clay does not get credit for being a founder of Frankism because Aurian was the one who got the most followers converted to Frankism. The original idea for the religion came from Clay. Lol.

Facts about Clay

  • Clay is actually a robot
  • Clay is the Benevolent Dictator for Life of the Info Security TiPwiki page