Mobius Strips, Klein Bottles, and Fractals: The Mathematics of Distortion

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This is a class at Duke East and Georgia Tech that teaches everything mathematics. Including, but not limited to: Point-set Topology, Linear algebra, Knots, Fractals, Graphs, and Calc Stuff.

East Term II 2017

Teacher: "Lord Cole" Cole Pospisil

TA: Jeremy "J-remy" Alcanzare

Students: Riley Dodd, Alex "Senior" Dowling, Spencer Leach, Brianna McVay, Carson Murtuza-Lanier, Perrin Myerson, Jayan Nitzsche, August Phelps, Evan Schlesinger, James Stephens, Connor Valdes, Alex "Junior" Wasylik, Kevin Wu, Lauren Xie, William Xie, Justin Zandstra


Riley: Most likely to solve a two-person puzzle alone

Alex Sr.: Most likely to remove clothes with fire

Spencer: Most likely to bring nine different Rubik's cubes to class

Brianna: Least likely to survive in Flatland

Carson: Most likely to go colorblind

Perrin: Most likely to put his pants on without using his hands

Jayan: Most likely to walk into a Christmas tree

August: Most likely to drown in Cheerwine

Evan: Most likely to become a Pokémon master

Connor: Most likely to answer 79 immediately

Alex Jr.: Most likely to become a professional chair drifter

Kevin: Most likely to call Connor "Bill"

Lauren: Most likely to tie Alex Jr. to the table

William: Mostly likely to ask for a different superlative

Justin: Least like to be the sharpest tool in the sh-hed

Jeremy: Most likely to wed the door

Lord Cole: Most likely to save the Earth from asteroids

Inside Jokes:

Flatland ( - One of the most prominent inside jokes of our class, this 10/10 movie was the inspiration for the T-shirt design. It also eventually leaked into the culture of the inferior math class (also known as Spy 101).

Vsauce - The intro to Vsauce's videos.

J-remy's rap career - TA J-remy was known for his amazing freestyle rap skills and famous "chicken hands" rap.

Lord Cole's insane Asteroids skill - Lord Cole was canonized as our ruler after achieving an incredible 16,900 points in 3 minutes of Asteroids.

Wow! - Coined by Lauren after shouting "WOW!" in response to every factoid in a video we watched. This was very common to hear after watching a cheesy math video (or sometimes people would just shout it at random just 'cuz).

24 (card game) - A popular card game in our class, ripped off by Spy 101 in their version 3 mod 12.

Being superior to Spy 101 - This isn't as much of a joke as it is a fact. Our long-standing rivalry with Spy 101 was finally decided after a card game tournament, ruling us objectively the better math class (Yes, I am aware that Game Theory is also a math class. We didn't share a break with them so we didn't associate with them).

East Term II 2016

Teacher: Dr. Bevin Maultsby

TA: Cole Pospisil(Probably hated us all)

Students: Alan Tapper, Clara Wang, Backflip Colin, James, Julian Kamberlane, Hugo Gingras, Landon, Kegan Lovell, Maggie Robinson, Marcus Ake, Megan Eaton, Miles Vandenburg, Ming Wang, Ryan Eck, Sam Triplett, Thomas Remhoff, Will Stephenson


Alan: Most likely to say the answer out loud

Clara: Most likely to fall asleep during a movie

Colin: Most likely to do a flip

James: Most likely to wear a math-related shirt

Julian: Most likely to secretly be from Alaska

Hugo: Most likely to play a kazoo

Landon: Most likely to be called Kegan

Kegan: Most likely to be called Landon

Maggie: Most likely to steal Miles' hat

Marcus: Most likely to give an inspiring speech for no reason

Megan: Most likely to not like any of her superlatives

Miles: Most likely to wear a hat

Ming: Most likely to be an intergalactic dictator

Ryan: Most likely to be short

Sam: Second best at Asteroids

Thomas: Best at ERS

Will: Most likely to buy two half-watermelons and a tube of superglue

East Term II 2015

Teacher: Jeff (long hair and thrifty outfits)

TA: Nikki

Students: Stanley Drvol, Simon, Davis Flowers, Saffie Kaplan, Olivia Cromie, Kyle, Jessica, Juniper, Joe Cox, Calla, Ben Rosenthal, Micah Harkins, Abigail Wandoff, Nick Coupey, Sarah Baugh, Aron Tobias, Oliver Johnson, Ricky Johnson

Inside jokes: Let's flesh it out...Bum bum aye aye aye bum bum WAUGH!...I liked the E in it...Pachelbel's Canon in D...If You Were Gay...Poker Chips...It's the same leaf!...Hit the whip Joe..."Where does the general keep his armies?"..."IN HIS SLEEVIES!"

East Term II 2013

Teacher: Hamza Ghadyali (we might have scared him away. by "we," I mean "gregor")

TA: Tommy Naugle (he deleted his facebook)

Students (alphabetized by last name): Ryan Becker, Gentry Clark, Carter Forinash, Gregor Haas, Sarah Hawks, Claire Hefner, AJ Jayant, Matthew Mason, Alex Obiol, Jameson Orvis, Sean Read, John Robertson, Jay Seckman, Clay Sullivan, Ana Thomas-LaRocque, Tyler Tinari, Austin Weaver, Henry Woodrow

Georgia Tech Term II 2018

“The Class of Alexes”

Teacher: Cole Pospisil

TA: Amanda

Students: Alex 1-1, Alex 1-4, Alex 4-1, Alex(is) 4-4, Paul, Ryan, Yaron, Shadman, Marie, Bridget, Bruce “Elijah” Fleming, Yovel, Cora, and Teddy

Inside Jokes:

Your Brother is expendable: said while making two A-OK signs, one big, one small over the eyes, and switch the sizes before the end of the phrase. A quote from A-Sphere, a character in the smash hit blockbuster: Flatland.

2 Seagulls = 2 Tori: Due to the limited clip art selection for the shirt this year, the best joke we could put was that a seagull is topological equivalent to a torus. Think about it.

Purple Vs. Light steel: The great shirt debate, Two hours of constant bickering, Three voting systems, and 14 triggered TiPsters later, Purple emerged as the least hated shirt, with a hate rating of 36 to Light steel’s 42.