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Genetics is one of the staple classes offered on West campus every year. It covers the human genome, gene therapy, occasional ethics, and labs concerning DNA. A highly recommended course if considering the West Campus as a third or fourth year.


Term II

This Genetics class was considered by many to be one of the best classes that term. Superior not only in course material, but also in its teacher, TA, students, and class bonding. The class's two most important inside jokes, "We Won!" and "Velociraptors!" were screamed (at appropriate times) during the talent show. The class was also known to have the best class T-shirts and sat together almost every day at lunch.


Term II Members:

  • Instructor: Joe
  • TA: Becky
  • Arden
  • Tatiana
  • Jessie
  • Megan
  • Reece
  • Sara
  • Nico
  • Madhura
  • Lindsey
  • Christopher
  • Ritu
  • Madeline
  • Brianna
  • Katherine
  • Andrew


Term I

An amazing (and small) class of 14 awesome people, who practically come from all over the US. Became a frequently talked about class during its term mainly for it's jokes, people, punishments, and "fun projects relating to cutting paper" that turned out to be worse than the punishments.

Teacher: Elliot Miller

TA: Joanne Amposta

Tipsters: Chase Kelly, Maggie Steiner , Anne Blythe Davis (AB), Katy Beshears, Parin Bhaduri, Dang Nguyen, Lizzy Yang, Emily Thierstein, Austin Van De Ven, Nisha Mital, Kieran Patel, Katherine McVay, Mukund Pasapuleti, Becca Hentges

Inside Jokes and Quotes: "BASIC"

"C'mon. Don't be shy."-Caveman

Socrates' face






"I finally destroyed Canada!"

"Hurray, total organ failure!"

Arts & Crafts

World Cup

"The List"

"Random Number Generator!"

"Witch who stole my parking space"

Term 2 2015

Instructor: Cody

TA: Nate

TIPsters: Ahir Chatterjee, Peter Huffman, Helen Li, Sumani Nunna, Emily Guernsey, Darian Phidd, Amelia Meles, Haiz Webb, Michael Tian, Meredith Hou, Kenneth Xu, Andrew Kim, Caroline Thomason, and Jordan Schoenstedt. We pretty much always sit together at lunch and we worship the vent!

Miscellaneous G-word Humor:




"Inbreeding of the Genetics class" due to many people within the class asking each other to the dance.

For example: Peter,aka Charlotte, and Helen, Amelia and Darian, and Jordan and Emily

Call Emily, the class Potato Rights Activist, for any potato related problems.

Charlotte, Peter, is an unofficial member of the VRMM, and runs a website dedicated to pineapple cacti.

Jordan is a ninja in disguise as a rock climber from Texas.

"I'll stare murderously until you give me money"

"Scorpion Cabbage"

"Pineapple Cactus"

"Photosynthetic Cows"

"I wanted to go into physics, then I took a physics class"

"... BUT ITS FOR SCIENCE" You have no ethics Sumani!

Michael has trouble stabbing himself

White men in white lab coats with large needles


Ultron narrated our sex documentary?

This man doesn't know but he's striving for one thing... Making babies.

Transgressors will be thrown off the balcony.

Imposters will be turned into strawberries.


But are transgressors a minority?

Sumani and Ahir were selectively bred.

Awhere is Ahir? He's Athere!

GENETICS *clap* no guys, do it in sync!

Kenneth smiles when people are murdered.


Ahir is always the first one killed.

CURRY CONNECTIONS Rice relationships and fellow yellows will just never live up to them.


Fried _____? We have that in Texas.

"How do you respond to the fact that there are no studies supporting the existence and development of Super Weeds?" "WE DONT BC THERES NO EVIDENCE AND THIS SIDE OF THE CASE SUCKS"

Haiz's fan!

The Vortex stirrer thing in Cody's lab. *BUZZZZZZZ*

Look! The yeast are having sex!

Horses. That is all.


The vegetable rights militant group. PLANTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!!

Darian: "College Squirrels are evil".

Ahir: "Don't you mean, college GIRLS".

International potato rights activists

@Deanthe DNA strand "This is a part of me"

"I like to imagine the body as an autocratic communist regime. The normal cell is told 'For the glory of Mother Body, you must die.' The the cell says, 'Da, I would gladly die for Mother Body.' Then it takes its wakizashi and cuts its stomach open and spills its guts. A cancer cell, on the other hand, is told "For the glory of Mother Body, you must die.' The cancer cell says 'Screw this, I'm moving to America!'"