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Doctor Doctor is a fourth year skit that traditionally closes the talent portion of the talent show on the last night.

Traditionally, there are five roles: daughter, mother, doctor, mortician, and director. In addition, there can be any number of makeup girls, who hit the cast with pillows in between scenes.

TIPsters play actors who are shooting a scene in which a daughter complains of a pain. After determining the location of the pain, the mother calls the doctor. After they talk on the phone, the doctor comes and discovers the daughter is dead- dead as a doornail. The doctor then calls Mort's Mortuary. Each time, the director calls cut, and demands that the scene be done in a different way. (Harry Potter, Kung-Fu, with more Emotion, etc..) Make up is called for, and the make up girls, wearing pajamas, come on stage and hit the actors with pillows. The intent of Doctor Doctor is to be mildly offensive, while staying TiPpropriate.

"Doctor Doctor" was first performed for the 1982 Term 1 (East) talent show and performed for a second time 1983 Term 2. The creators and original cast included Brad Bankston as the Doctor, Kelly Johnston as Mort, and Vince Gatton as the Makeup Man.

"Doctor Doctor" has been a tradition at the East Term 1 talent show since at least 1992.

In 2019, the director of student affairs decided to ban Doctor Doctor. Due to the nature of the skit by Duke West Term 1 2019, which apparently "took it too far" and was posted on YouTube, the people higher up chose to ban it campus wide starting in 2020 and in 2019 term 2 for some. All campuses banned it besides East, who originated the traditional skit.

Below, all known cast lists are posted. Additionally, you'll find styles, and, when available, links to the scripts.

Duke East


Term 1

At Term 1 '05, the themes were kung-fu, mimed, and Gone with the Wind.

Term 2

Styles were Traditional, Zoolander, Valley Girl, Political, and TiP style.


Term 1

The styles at East Term I 2006 were Traditional, In da Hood, Emo, Brokeback (Mountain, that is), Red State, ADF, and TiP.

The cast was as follows:

  • Director: Zoe Bockius-Suwyn
  • Daughter: Brett Flora
  • Mother: Brandon "Red" Clark
  • Doctor: Chris Cohen
  • Mort: Taylor
  • Makeup Girls: Roxi Pastore, Annie Bethea, Martha Cullen, Mac Herring, Chelsea Brown, Erin Heim, Peggy Nelling, Emily Manning, Neha Kohli (add on the missing ones please!)

Memorable lines include: "You can't marry them, but we'll still bury them", "Child, why are you calling me? You know Roots is on!"


Term 1

The script at Duke East Term 1, 2007, was written by Natalie Jacewicz, Evan Welber, and Emma Johnson.

  • Doctor: Neil Kimball
  • Mort: Robert Duffley
  • Mother: Alex Smith
  • Daughter: Evan Welber
  • Director: Sarah Welty

Term 2

This edition of Doctor, Doctor was brought to you by Charlie Williams and Caro Ragolta and was performed with scripts.

Styles: Normal, Ye Olden Times, Text-Speak, Suburban Rap Culture, Pirates v. Ninjas, Disney Musical (not performed), ADF, Harry Potter, TiPster


  • Child: Sara Broussard
  • Mother: Will Nance
  • Father: Thor Tobiassen
  • Doctor: Sass Williamson
  • Mortician: Charley Snyder
  • Director: Caro Ragolta
  • Ninja/Script Girl: Charlie Williams
  • Understudy": Kevin Kimball
  • Hair & Makeup: Jessica Stewart, JJ Haines, Matt Goldberg, James Sadler, Mia Hassoun, Emily Sharp, Sarah Lowe, Maddie Scott, Stacy Lanier, Anna Rowe Dennis


Term 1

  • Daughter: Kathryn Bonner
  • Mother: Carrie Cox
  • Doctor: Ryan Feeney
  • Mort: Walker Smith
  • Director: Julia Ganzi
  • Makeup: pretty much every single 4th year girl

Scenes for this production of the skit included, but are not limited to: regular, Juno, feminist, Spanish soap opera, Disney, Scene, TIP, doggy, and fourth-year speech.

Memorable lines include: "Por que?!", "Top as in what Vanessa Anne Hudgens wasn't wearing in those photos?", "Dead as in 2nd floor Pegram dead?" "Mort's Mortuary - death is awesome," "Doctor, Doctor, my daughter has a pain, but that doesn't make her any less of a person!", and "Mom, I got a pain bigger than Barbra Streisand's nose, kay?"

Portions of the script were contributed by Ryan Feeney, Walker Smith, Carrie Cox, Charlotte Kirk, Blake Montgomery, Nicole Simoneaux, and Leah Taub, among many others.


Term 1

  • Daughter:
  • Mother: Emma LaBounty
  • Doctor: Hannah Shoenhard
  • Mort:
  • Director: Mya Wilkes
  • Additional Roles: Spencer Heim and Matt Benenati
  • Makeup: Most of the fourth year girls + Spencer Heim and Matt Benenati

Scenes included: Normal, Sarah Palin, Pirates, Teen Angst, Swine Flu, Infomercial, Politically Correct, Dark Knight, TIP Style



Term 1

In 2010, the fourth years were determined to bring humor to Doctor, Doctor, as they remembered being shocked and excited as second years. Rather than just appointing cast members, all fourth years were invited to a fourth-years only planning session, where roles were determined through a series of auditions and votes. Then they got down to writing the scripts.

The styles: Classic Style, Dirty Durham, ADF, Spanish Telenovela, Staff, Adult Film, Quadfest, TIP


  • Daughter - Tara Schulz
  • Mother - Nettie Finn
  • Doctor - Hannah Weaver
  • Mortician - Spencer Davis
  • Director - Jordan R.
  • Makeup - nearly every fourth year girl, Evan Stone, Cam Williamson
The Controversy

As soon as the slideshow was over, the OSC got on the mike and asked participants in "the skit" to meet her in the Brown Common room immediately. They got yelled at and had to make apologies to the inhabitants of both Brown and Alspaugh. Apologies were not accepted.

Term 2

Themes: Traditional, Hipster, Nickelback, TIP



Term 1

Due to the numerous fourth years who wanted to participate, several casts were used. The styles were Classic, Mean Girls, SWAT Team!, Hipster, Adult Film, and TIP.


  • Madeleine Hill as director
  • Michael Liu as Mortician (except in TIP style, in which a hipster tipster stepped in)
  • Makeup: Any fourth year who felt like it


  • Daughter - Trish and Alex Sullivan
  • Mother - Julianna Laseter
  • Doctor - Haley Sheehan

Mean Girls:

  • Daughter(Regina) - Kristen Bagley
  • Mother(Karen) - Eliza Scruton
  • Doctor(Regina's mom) - Ava Chen

SWAT Team!:

  • Son - Russell Gray
  • Father - Harrison Bidwell
  • Doctor - Jackson Myers
  • Other roles played by miscellaneous members of the Bromance


  • Daughter - Kate Westman
  • Mother - Alison Lui
  • Doctor - Amar Reddy

Adult Film

  • Daughter - Kristen Bagely
  • Mother - Eliza Scruton
  • Doctor - Ava Chen
  • A note on Adult Film style: Madeleine introduced Adult Film style in precisely the same way Jordan had the year before. Many RC's, 3rd years, and unknowing 4th years squirmed in their seats, looks of horror crossing their faces, as they remembered the previous year's controversially explicit Adult Film style. However, what happened was precisely the opposite. The mother and daughter were both clad in comically conservative outfits, and both their style of speech and the things they said contrasted sharply with the previous year's explicit themes.


  • Daughter - Alex Sullivan
  • Mother - Julianna Laseter
  • Doctor - Haley Sheehan


Term 1

An unprecedented amount of enthusiasm was garnered for the 2012 Term 1 Doctor Doctor. Thus, there was 11 styles, with a cast of 35 members. Including pillow girls, the total number of participants topped out at around 55 people, making for a very interesting back stage scramble at Paige Auditorium (where Talent Show was held that year, due to Baldwin being under construction). , Pink Stilletos holder, coordinated the event.


  • Director:
  • Mortician:
  • Pillow Girls: You know who you are.


  • Daughter -
  • Mother -
  • Doctor -


  • Daughter -
  • Mother -
  • Doctor -


  • Daughter (Steve) -
  • Mother (Mama Wozny) -
  • Doctor - Thomas Morris

Chicken Pox

Toga Tuesday


  • Daughter -
  • Mother -
  • Doctor -

Also featuring the Q crew

Flash Mob

  • Daughter - Mandy Baur
  • Mother - Lillian
  • Doctor - Annie Harris (Fangs)


  • Daughter - Sara Edelman
  • Mother - TJ Brennan
  • Doctor - Amina Abdu
  • Daughter - Sam
  • Mother - Griffin Baker
  • Doctor - Liam Foskett

Second Place

  • Daughter - Sarah Doom
  • Mother - Marisa Marienchek
  • Doctor - Vanshika Balayan


  • Daughter - Joella Lee
  • Mother - Emily Cotten
  • Doctor - Alicia DeVos


Term 1


  • Director: Dani Echeverri
  • Doctor:
  • Mort:
  • Mother:
  • Daughter:





Miss TiP

Wrong Dorm

Winning Everything

Hip Love

TiP Version

Term 2

  • Director: Kelsey Powers


  • Mother: Grace Heaberlin
  • Daughter: Elizabeth McGuire
  • Doctor: Simran Gupta
  • Mort: Sarah Arney

Finding Nemo

  • Marlin: Lucas Ryan
  • Nemo: Milkshakes Klein
  • Doctor: Nicholai Babis
  • Mort: Jewel Wasson

Les Misèrables

  • Marius: Alex Daigle
  • Èponine: Kelly Lewis
  • Doctor: Kelli Marcum
  • Mort: John Robertson

The Great Gatsby

  • Gatsby: Thomas Stewart
  • Nick: Sam Feldman
  • Daisy: Courtney Moberley
  • Mort: Abby Weaver

Royal Family

  • Kate: Jesse Woodhull
  • William: Hailey Wozniak
  • Doctor: Gabriella Burns
  • Mort: Bridget Colliton

Super Hero

  • Superman: Daniel Charanis
  • Batman: Henry Saussy
  • Doctor: Michelle Peng
  • Mort: Leland Ott

Reality TV

  • Maw: Josh Sacks
  • Honey Boo Boo: Jon McKenney
  • Abby: Lily Haskins
  • Mort: ???


  • RC: Sarah Welsh
  • Llama Mama: Ellison Hersch
  • Director: Michael Kovasala
  • Med Room: Nick Kietz


Term I

Can be watched in full here:


  • Director: Lauren Baron
  • Mort: Sam Parmer


  • Mother: Anna Cunningham
  • Daughter: Lauren Kosub
  • Doctor: Erin Ringel

Head Injury

  • RC: Cassia Larson
  • TiPster: Dylan Quintal
  • Doctor: Saahil Katyal

2nd Years

  • 2nd Year 1: Liddy Grantland
  • 2nd Yer 2: Bailey Brya
  • Jordy: Elizabeth Burnside

TiP Sync

  • Sunny: Sunny Ananth
  • Muffins: Jonas Frenkel, Skippy Williams, Stevie Gibson, Hal Terry
  • Doctor: Sam Lopate
  • Saxophone: Kyle Conrad

Valley Girls

  • Mother: Alie Fink
  • Daughter:
  • Doctor:

Winning Everything

  • Bro 1: Jack Briones
  • Bro 2: Spencer Chen
  • Bora: Justin Estrada


  • Parker: Parker Kelly
  • TiPster: Ariel Dornisch
  • Pimp: Conrad Paetz

New Bedtime

  • Mother: Morgan LastName
  • Daughter: Kasey Carlton (I think)
  • Doctor: Lauren Allen


  • RC:
  • TiPster:
  • Admin: Jane Clinger
  • Lightning: Maria Sottile


  • RC: Cynthia Sun
  • TiPster: Emma Baldwin
  • RHL: Grace McCullough
  • More TiPsters: Sonia Gadre, Sofia Calvo



Term II

Here[1] is a link to a video of the skit.

The cast was as follows:

  • Director: Mary Beth Dicks


  • Mother: Lexie Harris
  • Daughter:
  • Doctor: Gabe Blanco
  • Mortician:


  • Coach: Charlotte Smalls
  • Player: John Learned
  • Trainer: Rhian Alley
  • Mortician: Max Carlan

Pop Culture

  • Mother: Tulley Goldrick
  • Daughter: Pearl Conley
  • Doctor: Arabella Ho
  • Mortician: Zoe Iatridis


  • Mother: Sarasota Serulneck
  • Daughter: Grace Williams
  • Doctor: Clay Sullivan
  • Mortician: Harrison Porter


  • Mother: Carter Forinash
  • Daughter:
  • Doctor: Ava Ryan
  • Mortician: Rigel Turner


  • RC: Shannon Scott
  • TiPster:
  • ER: Kyle Dickson
  • Mortician: Alec Evans

Script : Doctor Doctor/Duke East 2015 Term II

Can be watched in full here:


Term 2

Styles: regular, TiPster, Shakespearean, Goon Squad, Verbose, Kardashians, Sports, Politics



Term 1

Link to the full video:

Duke West


Term 1

At West Term 1 2007, the styles were Traditional, Prep, Stoner, Ebonics, and 1337 (Leet). There was also an ongoing style, Tony Time, which played off of RC Tony Manela's expectations concerning earliness. In between each style, Tony's RAG would run onstage, calling for Tony, and would then be shooed off by the Director.


Term 1

Styles were: Original, Billy Mays, Swine Flu (led to a racist joke), Jock, and Chinese Delivery (one long racist joke)

Term 2

The styles were: Original, Spanish soap opera, Harry Potter, "Illness", Monty Python, and TIP-propriate. The staff would not allow a swine flu style because of the touchiness of the subject with the main office after closing East. The reason for not allowing Swine Flu may also come from that fact that during Term 1 at West it was done and due to the unfourtunate forgetfulness of a certain Tipster, a line read "Dead as a Mexican dead?" instead of "Dead as a Mexican Pig dead?" The illness style involved a student telling her TA that she has a pain, and the TA rattling off the list of symptoms that the TAs were required to ask about every day, to prevent swine flu. After this style, the entire cast was rushed off the stage by the make-up "hazmat" crew so as not to "infect the audience", and a new cast was brought in.

The cast was:

  • Daughter- Alora Clark, Jess DeAngelo;
  • Mother- Audrey Kidwell, Xan Belzley;
  • Doctor- Nora Munger, Joyce Wang;
  • Director- Walker Argendelli, Peter Yom;
  • Mort- Trevor Walker;
  • Makeup Crew/Hazmat- Kyle Dzwonkowski, David Adler, Zulu Force

One of the final punch lines during the TIP-propriate variation, "Dead as a rave without a strobe light dead?", aroused the loudest response from the audience, especially from the Zulu Force.

Let it also be known that the staff responded to the tipropriate and illness versions by making their own doctor doctor skit after the end of the student version. The staff version ridiculed the students for their complaints in the doctor doctor skits, even though that is one primary reason for doctor doctor, and insulted the students for making a petition. This less enjoyed skit had in it.


Term 1

The fourth year skits had to be thrown together last minute this term. After the last dance, the fourth years met in O commons to decide the themes and the actors. Because so many people wanted to participate, it was decided that the director would fire the cast after each theme. The themes were Original, World Cup, Hipster, and TIP.

The cast was as follows:

  • Director (same for all four skits):


  • Daughter/Son - Matt
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Doctor
  • Mortician

World Cup:

  • Daughter/Son - Kasia
  • Mother - Brandon
  • Father - Taylor
  • Doctor - Brandon
  • Mortician - Robbie


  • Daughter/Son - Arun
  • Mother - Sam
  • Father - Danielle
  • Doctor - Max
  • Mortician - Shane

TIP Style:

  • Daughter
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Doctor
  • Mortician

Term 2


During the second weekend, the fourth years of term 2 were informed of the occurrence of Term 1 fourth year's last minute planning and were advised against entering the same scenario. Therefore, the fourth years started meeting as early as Tuesday of the last week in preparation for the fourth year skits. They were able to plan for four skits, including Doctor Doctor, Doctor's Office, Is it Time yet?, and the question/answer monster. The themes were Original, Ninja, Not TIPpropriate, Rad Bromance, The BP Oil Spill, Spanish Soap Opera, and Rave (which made references to Zulu Force and Overlord Lisa). The skit was almost shut down due to staff sensitivity issues during Rave and NTP.

  • Director (for every skit): Alex Kumbar

Original, Ninja, and NTP:

  • Daughter: Sarah Miller
  • Mother: Stephanie Hsiang
  • Doctor: Leland Bond
  • Mortician: Edward Kerr

Rad Bromance:

  • Brosef (Daughter): Solomon McGinty
  • Brohan (Doctor): Will Martin
  • Broa (Mother): Charles Rehw
  • Sausage Fest Organizer (Mortician): Jeremy Grover

The BP Oil Spill, Spanish Soap Opera, and Rave!:

  • Daughter: Shae' Street
  • Mother: Xan Failing
  • Doctor: Josh Brown
  • Mortician: Ethan Torres


Term 1

  • Director: Chelsey


  • Daughter
  • Mother
  • Doctor
  • Mortician

Valley Girl:

  • Valley Girl - Ellen Yuan
  • Valley Girl's Friend (Also a Valley Girl) - Rebecca Enniss
  • Pedicurist ("Diva's Nails!, "OMG, she's dead! And her nails are...*tearfully sobs*, "Dead as split ends!") - Taylor Jordan ("TJ") Brantley
  • Liposuction Doctor -


  • Driver -Patrick Tarrant
  • Mechanic- Andrew Elsey
  • Pit Crew - Connor Kirkpatrick and David Maydew
  • Junkyard - Samip Patel
Memorable lines include the following: "Driver, driver! You have a leak!" "Pitttt Crewwww!" "'This car is dead.' 'Dead as the excitement of Form-uh-la 1 dead?'" "Brown's junkyad! You crash 'em we smash 'em!"


  • Lanyard-swinging TIPster - Victoria Ly
  • RC - Katie Morris
  • Lisa - Madie Baker
  • Great Hall (With the memorable lines: Lisa-"Let's call the mortician!" Great Hall Worker-"Hello, Great Hall. You book 'em, you beat 'em, we cook 'em, you eat 'em!") - Madison Schroder


Term 1


  • Director: Rachel Wipfler


  • Daughter: Natalie
  • Mother: Laura
  • Doctor: Ella
  • Mort the Mortician: Emily


  • Son: Aditya (Squeaker)
  • Mother: Katherine W.
  • Cow: Monica
  • Doctor: Subanshu

Mean Girls

  • Daughter: Chandler
  • Mother: Morgan
  • Doctor: Yasmine
  • Mortician: Allie

Sports Camp

  • LaxBro: Lauren Gawel
  • Coach: Carissa Yeaney
  • Trainer: Olivia Musselman
  • Sports Authority: Alice Reed

Hunger Games

  • Katniss:Catherine Farmer
  • Peeta: Vincent
  • Haymitch: Shane Reagan
  • Doctor: Flip Kaifer


  • Lanyard-swinging Tipster: Hannah Slay
  • RC: Erin
  • Lindsay the Counselor: Arianna Benson
  • Great Hall: Indy

Makeup: Everyone else

Term 2

  • Original
  • Mean Girls
  • Skyrim
  • Ticks
  • Hunger Games
  • Swine '09
  • Fourth Years


Term 1

Script Was done over google+ because the RCs got TiP kicked out of the auditorium.

  • Director: Mary Clarke Worthington


  • Mother: Joanna Sands
  • Daughter: Margaret Sands
  • Doctor: Faith Rodriguez
  • Mortician: Bret Morrison

Star Trek

  • Scotty: Johanna Smith-Palliser
  • Kirk: Paola Moctezuma
  • Spock: Anika Agarwal
  • McCoy: Pratyusha Medikonda
  • Warp Core: Faith Maxwell

Snow White

  • Grumpy: Ellie Pippas
  • Snow White: Rachel Meade
  • Doc: Nishali Malik
  • Prince Charming: Zac Lewis
  • Witch: Katherine Bishara

Doctor Who

  • Amy: Madeline Landry
  • Rory: Amanda Taylor
  • The Doctor: Tori Lambeth
  • River Song: Anna Glassman
  • Crack in the universe: Brett Morrison


  • Mother: Vicki Sandring
  • Daughter: Elizabeth
  • Doctor: Cameron
  • Chuck Norris: Nathan Rowe


  • Mother: Jacob Thompson
  • Daughter: Jessica Chow
  • Doctor: Cole Thompson
  • Mortician: Haroon


  • Tipster: Sophia Ly
  • RC Sam: Huixi Yu
  • Zach: Carolyn Im
  • Great Hall: Hannah Boozalis

Term 2

  • Director: Harry Noell


Doctor Who

  • Mother: Chelsea Southworth
  • Daughter: Claire Glass
  • Weeping Angel: Alex
  • The Doctor: Mitchell
  • Steven Moffat: Casey Wexler

Mean Girls

  • Gretchen: Ali Young
  • Karen: Rachel Pan
  • Regina: Lucie Kresl
  • Bus: Abby Austin

Harry Potter

  • Harry: Giancarlo Bernini
  • Hermione: Chandler Richards
  • Ron: Joseph St. Pierre
  • J.K. Rowling: Hannah Blakely


  • Sherlock Holmes: Denise Johnsen
  • John Watson: Casey Wexler
  • Lestrade: Rebecca Rousseau
  • Mycroft Holmes: Nikolas Bramblett
  • Moriarty: Katherine Zhang

Less Enunciation

  • Son: Darius Homesley
  • Mother: Gaea Ridenhour
  • Doctor: Gant Player
  • Mortician: Jacob


  • Team Team: Eric Yu
  • Thundercats: Jared London
  • Ty: Sam Schimek
  • Great Hall:


Term 1

Director: Sean Murphy (aka best director ever)(aww thanks guys)

Included are the topics, in order chronologically, and the director's remarks which introduced them.


Kanye West

  • "Something with a protagonist so disgustingly egotistical, it's almost laughable."
  • Kanye: Zach Sanchez
  • Kim: Nyssa Bowen
  • Doctor: Lindsey Jackson
  • Mortician: Bryan Wright


  • "A classic. Well, not really a classic, per se... Rather, something so indescribably stupid that it's quoted for generations."

Monty Python

  • "Something that really epitomizes the nitty gritty nature of sketch comedy... And also British."

Princess Bride

  • "A touching love story, but also a thrilling adventure. It doesn't mean what you think it means. Also... Rodents? Can we do rodents?"
  • Inigo Montoya: Colin Brant
  • Six-fingered Man: Sasha Alabugin
  • Miracle Max: Michela Lew
  • Gravedigger: Anne Blythe Davis

Accidentally provocative

  • "We need to try something different. Picture, like, 1920's flapper culture, or Betty Boop, or Janet van deGraff from the Drowsy Chaperone. Like, innocent and pure, but somehow... *bites lip*... you get the picture."
  • Daughter: Ellen McMullen
  • Mother: Gretchen Knaut
  • Doctor: Maggie Steiner
  • Mortician: Nell Sandring Wesemann


  • "How about a really basic love story, with a lovable protagonist whose princess is always just a castle away. Add in a third wheel, just for the hell of it. And maybe turtles."


  • "I want something deeper, something with layers. Something that brings together outcasts and misfits and princesses and royals. On an unrelated note, it is also love and life."
  • Gingerbread Man: Mason Mahaffey
  • Donkey: Chase Kelly
  • Shrek: Dylan Pinard
  • Mortician: Jacob

The Fault in Our Stars

  • "We need to go further. I want something that is intimate and deep and personal, but that appeals to teenagers in all walks of life."
  • Hazel Lancaster: Autumn Hinze
  • Augustus Waters: Alyson Win
  • Doctor: Chrissy Nagy
  • Peter Van Houten: Sarah Kinney


  • "That got way too deep, way too fast. We need to go in the opposite direction: I want something fun and uplifiting, something that incorporates all of our favorite people. Like Friends or Cheers or That 70's Show."

Cathy: Keely Meloche

  • Josiah: Taylor Thomas
  • Barry: Olivia Larner
  • Bajon: Jamie Harris


  • "I want something new, something unlike anything we've done before... Something ethnic, something spicy... Something that's almost Asian, but not quite."
  • Daughter: Sonali Mehta
  • Mother: Meghana Rao
  • Little Sister/Doctor: Ritu Sachdeva
  • Mortician: Tanya Mittal


  • "I want something really moving; a piece of unmatched beauty and complexity, something that pulls at the heartstrings until they break."
  • Ship: Bennett Eckert
  • Captain: Eric Lund
  • Rose: Jordan Couceyro
  • Jack: Mitul Patel


  • "Clearly, you are all unprepared for any serious roles. For this one, I don't want you to even act. Just... go about your regular lives. Do you think you can handle that?"
  • Roman: Sarah Leonardis
  • Med Room: Caroline Hall
  • TiPster: Maddie
  • Frisbee-Thrower: Katy

Term 2

Director: Reece Ryan (a.k.a. Amazing Actor)

Memorable Quotes are noted


  • Daughter: Megan DuhGrego
  • Mother: Michelle Tang
  • Doctor: Chris Song
  • Mortician: Nico Raney


  • Dean:
  • Sam:
  • Castiel:

2nd Year Girls

  • 2nd Year TiPster: Jenna Kor
  • Other 2nd Year TIPster: Maggie Redding
  • RC Sarah: Carrington Metts
  • Doctor: David Xiao
  • Mortician: Jared Warner
  • "Dead as Elsa's Parents Dead??" (Got an insane reaction from the crowd, including loud shouts of 'Too Soon!')
  • "Mort's Mortuary. If they're a quitter we'll update twitter."

World Cup

  • Neymar: Sam Morales
  • Referee:
  • Trainer (Doctor): Jenna Lillian
  • "Neymar's Dead! Dead as Brazil Dead? Dead as 7-1 Dead."

4th Year TiPsters

  • TiPster: Supriya Kohli
  • Other 4th Year TiPsters: Jessica Easum and Madhura Pande
  • RC (Kanise): Nicole Googe
  • Roman: Alex Kim
  • Mortician (Brandon): Jake
  • "Dead as our hopes and dreams of coming back to TiP?" (skit made around this line which Nicole came up with) (a.k.a. the saddest line to 4th years EVER)


Term 1

Things that are dead mcr dobby Shia LaBouf Hannah Montana Paranormal Activity

Term 2

Director: Jackson "Dobby" Carrol


  • Daughter: Michael "Mayo" Mizak
  • Mother: Kyle Duval
  • Doctor: Will Wright
  • Mortician: Nathan Wenger


  • Rebecca: Rebecca Grayzel-Ward
  • Mother: Rachel Rezabek
  • RC Laure: Juliet O'Riordan
  • Mr. Krabs: Miranda Grayzel-Ward

TIP Staff

  • Frisbee Player: Chris Myers
  • Doctor: Nick Escobar
  • Roman: Will Wright
  • Penn Pav Staff: Cameron Sanders ("Hello, Penn Pav here. You kill 'em, we grill 'em.")

White House

  • Camp: Camp Shelor
  • Barack Obama: Evan McVay
  • Michelle Obama: Michaela French
  • Hillary Clinton: Caitlyn Nelson ("As dead as Donald Trump's chances of winning the 2016 elections dead?")


  • Catbomb: Caitlyn Nelson
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth Bik
  • Dora the Explorer: Michaela French
  • Taylor: Taylor Doolittle


Term 1

Director: Sam Taliaferro.

Script: Doctor Doctor/Duke West 2018 Term I

Vanilla Cast

  • Daughter: Alexandra
  • Mother: Gwen
  • Doctor: Jacqueline
  • Mort: Morgen

Minecraft Cast

  • Villager: Simone
  • Steve: Alexandra
  • Creeper: Nicole
  • Witch: Morgen
  • Mort: Gwen

Staff Cast

Harry Potter Cast

  • Fred: Rachel
  • Molly Weasley: Nicole
  • Madam Pomfrey: Gabby
  • Mortician: Hattie

Avengers Cast

  • Peter Parker:
  • Mr. Stark:
  • Dr. Strange:
  • Thanos:

TIP Cast

  • Tipster/Intruder: Katie
  • Chelsea: Simone
  • Kacee: Kristy
  • Mort: Landry

Toast Cast

  • Son:
  • Mom:
  • Baker:
  • Toast Toaster:


Term 1

Director: Heather


  • Mother: Daylen
  • Child: Sofia
  • Doctor: Josh
  • Mortician: Caroline

Chris Hansen-

  • Police officers: Camille/Jorge/Cole
  • 2nd year: Gracie
  • Chris: Joseph
  • Tipsters talking to Chris: Keegan/Annie


  • Tipster: Chris
  • Julia: Alex
  • OSD: Mark
  • RC: Alvin


  • Tipster 1: Virgil
  • Tipster 2: Annika
  • Mattie: Mira
  • Fake Krystal: Charlie


  • Tipster: Eli
  • Charles: Patrick
  • Girl: Sophia
  • Mattie: Morgan


  • Crystal’s RAG

Admin Roast-

  • Tipster: Ada
  • RC: Jasmine
  • Admin: Iliyah
  • Doctor: Alexa

Boy Trouble-

  • Girls: Holly, Ellie
  • Boys: Reese, Jim
  • Police: Sadie
  • Doctor: Julia


  • Tipster: Emma
  • Lawyer: Jack
  • Admin: Sarah
  • HQ: Trish



Term 2

Director: Ari


  • Normal
  • Country
  • Fourth Year
  • Bleeps
  • Illuminati
  • Raptor
  • Mime
  • Soviet Russia


Term 1

Director: Sharon Anwana

Normal and Hood

  • Child: Alex Palma
  • Mother: Maya Learmonth
  • Doctor: Hannah Lee
  • Mortician: Jake Wiesenborn

Tippropriate and Mean Girls

  • Child/JJ/Regina George: Cat Hoff
  • Mother/Holden:
  • Doctor: Kat Peppas
  • Mortician: Jake Wiesenborn (for TiP) and Caroline Brehm (for Mean Girls)

Flexin' Zone and Lyrics

  • Child: Helen Simpson
  • Mother: Sophia Kanaan
  • Doctor: Emily Krambeck
  • Mortician: Caroline Brehm


Term 1


  • Normal
  • Pirates
  • Cheerleading
  • Tipster
  • Trump

Georgia Tech


Term 1

  • Director: Jonathan Lee
  • Mortician: Hunter
  • Head Makeup Girl (supposedly): Kenny Yin

Doctor Doctor Script: Tech Term 1 2014


  • Mother: Will
  • Daughter: Hannah Hunt
  • Doctor: Lucas


  • Kyle Dzwonkowski: Conor McAvoy
  • Sonja Wagner: Aleya Haney
  • Carson: Marley

Walking to Class:

  • TA: Tara Christensen
  • TiPster: Ashley Harriott
  • Super TA/Brian: Gabe

Woodruff Dining Hall:

  • TiPster: Alexis
  • Sonja Wagner (RC): Charlotte Folinus
  • Peaches: Anna White

World Cup:

  • Player 1: Sterling
  • Player 2: Jacob
  • Referee: Bryce
  • Coach: Conor

TiP Plague:

  • RC: Hannah Hunt
  • Jenna (OSD): Maya
  • Carson (RHL): David


Term 2

There was initially wide concern across all campuses that Doctor , Doctor would be banned this year, but Tech Term 2 staff allowed students to perform the skit. When this was announced onstage, everyone burst into raucous applause.

This term's Doctor, Doctor was a satire on many of the unpopular new rules and restrictions affecting TIPsters announced this year.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Makeup! More free time!" ... (noone comes onstage) ... "Get it? Because there is none!"
  • "Out? Out as in staff relationships that were supposed to be kept secret out?"
  • "Dead? Dead as fourth-year privileges dead?"
  • "Dead? Dead as the second dance playlist dead?"



Term 1

Started in 2014 at UGA by Jared Sterling (Jared please make one so I don't have to-Bailee Written/Directed by Kat Eaton, whom passed it down to Hadley. info here!


Term 1

Directed by William Warlick and written by Sarah Beth Hobby, who passed it down to Emily Kitchens.

    • Themes included:
      • Main Office/Waitlisting of the Trinity
      • RC Aaron
      • Funopolis Pizza
      • The Ant Infestation
      • The Hot Water Crisis
      • The Two Ryans (Ryan Wilson and Ryan Lanford)