Kyle Dickson

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Kyle Dickson
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East term II
Attended 2012,2013, 2014, 2015
Course(s) Mock Trial, Criminal Trial Advocacy, Utopia, Dystopia, Myopia, Bach 2 Rock
RAG(s) Davis's RAG, Maria's RAG, Harrison's RAG
Roommate(s) Justin Gonzalez, Noah Weinstein, Abraham Joyner-Meyers, Harrison Porter (not exactly), Ryan Becker
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Kyle Dickson. Man of no sleeves, dimples, and a tendency to kick lamp poles. TiP was definitely made a better place because he came along, gracing us with crazy athleticism and trumpet skills.

Davidson Term 2 2012 (1st Year)

The Dark Ages

Kyle first experienced the magic that is TiP as a little seventh grader. He was on the 3rd floor, and his class was Mock Trial. Sadly, he actually lost the mock trial at the end of term. Participated in TiPsync, performing "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush" from Veggie Tales with his RAG. Also discovered that quidditch wasn't for him, and lost a particularly scarring arm-wrestling contest.

Duke East Term 2 2013

Arrived ready for a great time. Ended up in CTA with some people who he became great friends with, including Rhian Alley, Erica Mast, Tommy Bui, and Harris Bethel. He also had the greatest teacher, Don Donelson III, and a TA whom they mercilessly messed with, Benji. His roommate was Noah Weinstein, the king of prep. They were in Maria's RAG, who was an amazing human whom Kyle had late night convos with cause he was scared about high school. (Update: he's doing great!)

  • no TiPsync this year :(
  • was a proud member of team U! in CTA
  • Member of team SWAT which beat the Lazer Dragons
  • enjoyed a great dance with a great friend in which both he and she were crying quite hard

Duke East Term 2 2014

Twas a glorious year. His roommate, the one and only Harrison Porter, was great and they were not only roomies but shower buddies, singing along to Kanye West and IMDABES (unfortunately few witnessed this). He participated in TiPsync again, performing a last minute rendition of "It's Not Unusual" where he danced fabulously despite the lights going out right in the middle of the show (lol wut happened). A proud member of Nick Jones Dance Camp 2k14. Once again a member of the Lazer Dragons, he helped crush the staff, but had a head injury which prevented him from appearing as Troy Bolton in Alspaugh's remaking of "We're All in This Together" at Quadfest. The big finale to this year was his talent show act, Zebra Cakes ft Lil Billis and the Trumpets from Heaven. Twas marvelous. At the end of the show, our very own Kyle became the new SOL, which practically the whole camp called because he's perfect for it and is gonna be amazing. He cried and was very honored. The hat was passed from Preston Taylor, and he wears it with pride. Unfortunately, the last night was sadly short, but it was as good as it could have been. His new tradition family consisting of Mitchell Bullington (IR Flag), Maddie Daniel (Sexy Mama), Rhian Alley (FMT(sfw)), Sebastian Babis(Gentleman's Hat), Charlotte (Lazer Dragons Captain), Colin (Llama Mama), and Spencer (Cuil Theory), was gonna rock next year, and he lloved them and all his friends dearly.