Mitchell Bullington

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Mitchell Bullington
Campus(es) Duke East term II
Attended 2013, 2014
Course(s) Politics in the Middle East, International Relations
RAG(s) The Cult of Shawn, Tim's RAG
Roommate(s) Rigel Turner, Ambrose (AG)
Social Media

Mitchell Stafford Bullington. He's a G, with the whitest name ever. He likes backwards hats, cargo shorts, and hot cheetos and takis. Oh, and he thinks that fun sized M&M's aren't good, because they make him unhappy when he empties the bag too quickly. He also makes me really happy so sorry if this page is really biased.

East Term 2 2013 (Second Year)

Mitch came to East as a First Year Second Year not knowing what to expect. On the first day, he met his roommate Rigel and didn't quite know what to think. But that awkward first meeting soon blossomed into a bromance of epic proportions. Mitch was in Politics in the Middle East and I think like his class. I'm not exactly sure, sorry Mitch. He was introduced to a large group of people included Maddie Daniel, Rhian Alley, Jack Stafford, Lexie Harris, Tommy Pollack, Shannon Scott, and Nav Sekhon and became close friends with all of them. At the first dance, he got into a relationTIP with Rhian Alley which lasted a week and ended badly. But they're cool now so it's ok. Starting at the last dance, he had a short-lived relationTIP with Nav Sekhon that included a lot of activity on the last night(minus the relationship part idk where that came from). At the end of the term, he was featured in the Llama Mama Ellison's will, receiving the title of her "favorite second years". He was really sad to leave, but he knew he would be back the next summer!

East Term 2 2014 (Third Year)

Now it was the summer of 2014. Mitch was back for his third year and ready to see his friends, especially Rigel because their bromance is legendary. The first day, he was dropped off by his dad and greeted by Shannon, Maddie, Lexie and New Maddy. They began to walk around to find people and the "Third Year Clique" was formed. They found old RCs and old friends and eagerly awaited Rigel's arrival. That kid took forever to arrive on the first day, but when he came everyone ran after his car and gave him a huge hug. Even though Mitch had back issues (that came from being hit during a no-contact football practice lol), he ran full speed after Rigel's car. The group was reunited. However, he lived in Pegram the second year dorm while his friends all lived in Alspaugh. That was a huge bummer and became problematic later in the term.

He started his class, International Relations, and loved it. He likes International Relations theories and regularly reads dense scholarly stuff about it, so he really liked the class. He loved all of tip. He started dating Maddie the first week. People even fought over who was the official third wheel. They also started "booping" each other, and this spread to their entire friend group. They danced together during the first dance and all was right in the world. They went to the second dance together, and continued to have the best three weeks of their lives.

Throughout this whole thing Mitch had to go to physical therapy in the mornings which would stink because he couldn't go to breakfast with everyone. The last week came, but no one thought about that. The second Sunday was Mitch's birthday which he spent getting serenaded early in the morning, waking up Maddie with a few other people while she looked ratch, and eating cookies in a giant floorgy on his hallway. Also, they went to palace pointe that day and that night watched Easy A for movie night. Mitch continued to love his last week and chilled on the quad and also didn't like his RC. Then it came to Thursday, the night of the last dance. The dance was unfortunately held inside because of thunderstorms but it was still amazing and fun. Towards the end of the dance Rigel started to cry, which caused Maddie to cry which almost caused Mitch to cry (I saw you dude). Mitch and Maddie ended up dancing to Iris with the llama. It was a struggle to figure out how that works but they did it. Then American Pie came on and it was a struggle because there was no room in the marketplace. A mini circle was formed with Rigel, Mitch, Maddie, Sarah, and Nick Jones. Everyone was crying and off-key, but it was a really special moment. No one wanted the dance to end, but eventually it had to and Mitch had to go back to stupid Pegram.

The last day came and Mitch was sad. Mitch had an amazing three weeks in IR and ending it was hard. The last night came, and Rigel and Mitch sat together at talent show with Gabe. They laughed and cried and generally didn't want it to end. Then the fourth year's stuff came, and Mitch and Maddie sat together finally. They were with their friends and booped several people. The slide show came on and they cried. The traditions were announced and when Maddie got Sexy Mama she hugged Mitch first. They went back to the dorms to enjoy their last night. BUT PLOT TWIST!!! Sometime around 10:30 or 11, Mitch was given the IR/Goon Squad flag by Kobi!!! Everyone was super excited because Mitch is perfect for that tradition. The tradition family was almost complete, so they went to Alspaugh kitchen and had the tradition meeting. They took an epic family picture and then it was time to go to bed. Mitch had to go back to stupid Pegram. Mitch slept way too late the next morning, but still got to spend the morning with his best friends. Then it was time to say goodbye.

Mitch carried Maddie's bags to the bus along with Gabe and Rigel. She's grateful for that because she was a mess and wouldn't have been able to carry her own bags. Mitch left later that day after spending a last day with Rigel. The most epic bromance ever had to end for the summer. Then his mom came to get him and he had to finally leave the best place on earth. But he was to return as a fourth year and Goon Squad captain. Fourth year is going to be legend-wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose intolerant (sorry Kyle, take some Lactaid) because the next part is-dairy.

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