Kobi Johnson

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Year Year at TIP Campus Term Course Dorm RC Roommate(s)
2011 1st II Animal Behavior Sentell Evan Josh Cole and Yangyang Li
2013 3rd Duke East II Bach To Rock Brown Elise Clayton
2014 4th Duke East II Microeconomics Bassett Jeremy Jonathan Lee

Someone who knows me can write about me if they feel like it; otherwise, this page probably isn't getting changed anytime soon.

Kobi is god. Kobi is love. Kobi is life. Although not all those that appreciate him may wear sleeves on a consistent basis, he loves them all just the same. #jeromehappy

Cult Following

Started by the infamous Brandon Wang, Kobi soon gained following as the baddest G in town. Any sport Kobi played, any step he took, Brandon and his RAG would shout his name. In his honor, Term 2 2014 Pegram at Duke East was renamed to Kobigram. This name was used all the time around campus. Kobi disliked the cult, and was annoyed every time a ritual would happen.

Preceded by:
Baasit Bhutta
Red Star Flag Succeeded by:
Mitchell Bullington