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The Strobe Light refers to the object in the domain of the Zulu Force implemented in raves during Term II at West Campus in 2009. It was purchased by Zulu Lawrence during his off-campus RAG night at Spencer's in the South Point Mall for $30. The strobe itself has a dial with which the frequency of the strobe can be changed. The strobe also came packaged with red, blue, and green plastic filters. Currently, the strobe light is regarded as a TIP Relic.


After the strobe light was banned by the Zulu Force created a 201-name petition asking for the peaceful return of the strobe. The petition was gradually filled by every Zulu and then most of the camp at the Durham Bulls baseball game until the 200th spot was signed by Evan Baker with Grant Gasby signing beneath Evan's rather large signature. It was photocopied more than 25 times. The petition, which spanned over four pages, was based on the grounds that the rule against the strobe was arbitrary. Over 200 Tipsters signed said petition, including one Tipster who actually had epilepsy. It is notable, however, that the Tipster had Benign Rolandic Epilepsy, which is a form of epilepsy not triggered by a strobe light. However the staff argued that the strobe could be a liability to TIPsters with epilepsy. , at one point, ripped a petition in front of a team of TIPsters organized by the Zulus while stating that "this means nothing" to her.

Hollywood Dance

The strobe light made an appearance at the final dance at the term. During the song "Sandstorm" by Darude, a staff member (Andy) held the light out of a window after TIPsters chanted "Strobe light! Strobe light!". A mosh pit was formed outside the window in N Commons, but was prevented from grinding up against the window by RC Hanna.

Beyond TIP

After TIP, Lawrence packed the strobe in his carry-on backpack, which was opened by security officials at Raleigh/Durham International Airport in search of weapons. The strobe was not confiscated.

Zulu also purchased two strobe lights, identical to the one at TIP, and is currently holding periodic raves outside of TIP. The strobe light will return at duke west term two 2012 in Zulu's honor. Also a letter from Zulu has been given to me along with a strobe light. We have not forgotten. (EDIT: Where's the strobe? :C )