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Once a week, RAGs gather during mandatory fun night for RAG Night. A group activity (usually) planned in advance by the RC, RAG Night is designed as a bonding experience. Usually composed of off-campus trips or movie nights, RAG Nights have been known occasionally to include pranks or mayhem-wreaking, especially in a trend at the end of Term II, 2006 at Duke East.

Popular RAG night activities include:

  • Ordering / and sitting around doing nothing under the pretense of watching a movie or playing board games
  • Ordering pizza/Chinese food and actually watching a movie (this can be really cool 'cause often the only places available for watching are the academic buildings, so you end up in some random classroom with a huge screen)
  • Making RAG- or generally TiP-related T-shirts (often a third-week activity)
  • Trips to Ninth Street (usu. Ben & Jerry's, Whole Foods, Cosmic's)
  • Getting a Ben & Jerry's Vermonster
  • Going to the theater to see a movie
  • Taking a trip to the mall
  • Doing "The One" (ordering one of every item off the Taco Bell menu and eating it.)
  • Going to Frankie's
  • Doing a combination Target and Cookout run

In 2018 East Term I, there was a RAG night notable exception. Reese's RAG managed to stay on campus all three RAG nights, because everyone was idiotic, making them the most boring RAG in history.