Ninth Street

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Ninth Street is a popular commerce district in Durham, near the Duke East campus. Its relative wholesomeness and convenient offerings of food, supplies, and other items makes it ideal for TIP students. 4th year privileges allow 3rd and 4th year students to travel to Ninth Street in groups of three or more during free time. It is also a popular activity and event.
Update: As of Term 1 2018, the fourth year privilege of traveling 9th street was revoked. 4th years were only granted a trip in large groups on Sundays from 9-12. This was only due to a very vocal group of angry 4th years.

Update to the Update: As of Term 1 2019, no tipster is allowed to go to Ninth Street.

"One time, on 9th Street, this homeless man kept hitting on me..." Sometimes the people you meet on Ninth Street are pretty shady. It is not rare to meet panhandlers or strange (possibly drunk or high) men who may try to engage you in conversation (or ask for high fives) or buy cocaine from you. The benches in front of Francesca's are a common gathering place for smokers. If you go to Ninth Street during the day then you generally won't come across such people, although Adam Wilson was once asked how much for (to his amusement and her fury) in broad daylight, so this isn't always foolproof.

Ninth Street Stores