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You walk down the road to Ninth Street, and the first things you see are tennis courts. But when you reach the actual intersection, you see a nice big Whole Foods, like your local grocery store, but much much healthier. Filled with organic foods, health care products, sushi, plants like flowers and herbs (which have NEVER been stolen) and air conditioning, it is a nice first stop on the tour of Ninth Street.

Things that can be purchased at Whole Foods:

  • Dave's Gourmet
  • Naked Food Juice
  • Vegetarian Gummi Bears
  • Honey sticks
  • Izze, the incredible all-natural soda that make in fact intoxicate you
  • Herban Cowboy cologne (smells good in very small doses)
  • Passion drops (they don't work and taste suspiciously like chalk)
  • Rice Dream
  • Spargo
  • Female Libido Tonic (now with 50% more grain alcohol!)
  • Pregnancy Tea
  • Slabs of chocolate that can only be cut apart using a pen as a chisel
  • Fruits that are very spiky and are filled with seeds and hurt to carry.
  • Liter bottles of Orangina (that taste much better after lying, forgotten, in the Alspaugh fridge for a week)
  • All of the Kiwi Pie
  • face mask, which kate's rag managed to put on most of the boys in Peter's rag, including Peter himself
  • flowers
  • * these are great for the kids with the inevitable sore throats. They also taste delicious and smell like Thanksgiving, and are most commonly found where ever there are Muffins.
  • Vermonty Python Ice cream (which is best consumed in secret in the pegram kitchen.)
  • Cold Brew
  • Mochi Ice Cream
  • Avocados @Eden