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Zulu Force is the name given to RC Andy's (aka R-Candy) 4th year boys RAG at West term II 09. This is not to be confused with the frisbee team known as The Zulu Team comprised mostly of boys from Andy's RAG and a few girls from RaJhai's RAG. The Zulu Force is known for raving with the strobe light whenever possible. Zulu Force became, to many, the unoffical leader of the West Term II '09 RAGs.


  • Dylan Greaves
  • Scott Telthorst
  • Rijul Gupta
  • Peter Yom
  • Alex "Shaka Zulu" Henriquez
  • Spencer Wilson
  • William Leeser
  • Eric Summins
  • Warren Peace
  • Jordan Karsch
  • Ajay Shroff
  • Temple Price
  • Daniel Theisen
  • Lawrence Lee
    • Though he is not really a member of Andy's RAG, Lawrence is considered a member of Zulu Force.

Honorary Members and Semi-Zulu Individuals

  • Shae' Street
  • John Holland Price
  • Kian Pourak
  • Anthony Vallera
  • Stephanie Hsiang

Origin and Lore

Ajay Shroff, creator of the symbol, showing the traditional Zulu "Z" sign


The Zulu Force name was created early in the second week of the term. With general approval for Zulu but disapproval for Team, Temple came up with the Zulu Nation. This was generally accepted and is still used in some instances to this day. However an unknown member, possibly Alex, then came to the great epiphany that is Zulu Force. This was immediately accepted by all Zulu members.


The 'Z' symbol for The Zulu Force known by all, was originally created by Ajay Shroff. It consists of two interlocking peace signs in which the open spaces make a Z (or an S from the Zulu's perspective).


(If you are looking for specific details on any of these events look at the page)

  • Held a midnight rave on R-Candy's first day off
  • Duct taped/masking taped the main office door with a "good morning" sign at 3:45 am
  • Won the 2009 Quidditch World Cup.
    • The second round was held without them to allow the other teams a chance to experience what winning feels like.
  • Champions of the Scavenger Hunt.
    • They were given 3rd place, behind 1st by 3 points. However the top two ranking teams both were successful in getting a riddle (worth 8 points) that was outside of the Scavenger Hunt area, namely the trashcan in O Commons while the hunt was limited to Kilgo Quad. Thus removing this invalid riddle the Zulu Force wins by a stunning 5 points. To further support this one must only look to the Scavenger Hunt page in the termbook... a vast majority of the photos are from the Force.
  • Single-handedly led Grello to a Quadfest win thus solidifying the statement that green is not a color
  • The Zulu Team, comprised mainly of Zulu members, achieved a below par 4th place (out of 6 teams) finish in the Ultimate tournament possibly due to missing Zulus (5 adept Zulu members playing for the team that got first) and poor refereeing.
  • Talent Show Acts:
    • Jordan (along with non-Zulus Brett Downey and Alex Averbrook) MC'd the talent show under the theme of ""
    • Spencer and William read Intellectual Poetry and were taken offstage before the act could be finished (shut down by Lisa for alleged inappropriateness)
    • Jordan (main vocals), William, Ajay, and Daniel (backup vocals) performed a TIP-themed cover of "We Takin' Over" by DJ Khaled with an intermittent rave to "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada
  • The influence of the Zulu Force led to the fourth years of Term 2 2010 to create a rave themed portion of their Doctor Doctor skit, with many references to the Zulus and Lisa

Known Enemies

  • (aka Beard Man)
    • Daniel, who was known to Zulu as "Beard Man" due to his rather large beard, was called "the crusher of fun." Every morning the Zulus would play music in their hallway bathroom. Spencer's iPod docking station would play loud enough such that the Zulus could hear the music and rave when showering, getting dressed, using the bathroom, hanging around on hall, and waking up. One morning the first week Beard Man heard this music from his hall two floors below and came up to investigate. After looking for the source of the music, and finding it in the bathroom, he told Jordan to turn the music off. Thus killing the music, thus killing the fun. Later in TIP the title of Beard Man would pass to another crusher of fun.
  • (aka Asian Man)
    • Due to Andrew's part in the banning of the strobe light the Zulu Force decided to pass the title of Beard Man (and crusher of fun) down to Andrew. Andrew had no facial hair however Daniel, the original Beard Man, had not crushed any fun for a significant time. The Zulu Force was perplexed by Andrew, sometimes he was awesome, other times he was not. (some Zulus believe this to be caused by a monthly schedule usually only found in women)
  • (aka Mad Dog)
    • Lisa, who was known for yelling and threatening to take away pizza ordered during non-phone hours, was the other major combatant in the Zulu-Lisa War. There was tension between the fun-loving Zulus and Lisa from the beginning of term, but the conflict came to a head during the strobe light incident and the subsequent tearing up of the strobe light petition. The duct-taping of the office door is commonly thought of as the end of the Zulu-Lisa war.

Zulu Reunion

Because Zulu is better than any other RAG and half of them live relatively near each other, Zulu is actually planning on having a separate reunion, apart from 4th year reunion that is still in the works. Options are frisbee on the beach, frisbee in the snow, and Dylan's Plan but one thing for sure is that some serious raving will go down.