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The Team Team is the Ultimate team that has won the Annual Student Ultimate Tournament at Duke West Term II in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2017. Altogether, the team has compiled a 16-1 record against student teams and is 4-3 against the staff team. In Duke West T2 the Team Team officially lost to the Boom Squad, 7-0. This loss was attributed to the lack of active recruiting by the team captains, as well as being outplayed in speed and efficiency. In addition to four fourth years, all second and third year talent went to Boom Squad due to superior recruiting.

The Team Team was approximately balanced between third and fourth years in 2008 when it defeated and . In 2009, however, the Team was nearly entirely fourth years, most of which returned from the previous year, and beat Azn Invazn and the Thundercats on the way to its second championship. Peter Yom, a fourth year in 2009, left the Team Team to Thundercat's captain, Tyler Vance, in his will at the end of the termbook. Instead Tyler returned to his Thundercats in 2010, while the Team Team was refreshed entirely by third and fourth years (and one second year girl), led by co-captains Isabella Sanders and Jaclyn Boozalis. After beating The Other Guys in the morning, the Team was faced with a rematch of the 2009 championship against the Thundercats in 2010. The Team triumphed, winning the student tournament for the third straight year. The Team Team was left to Brandon and Nicholas Chen (also known as the asian twins) in the fourth year wills of the captains of 2010. Since the twins didn't return to West in 2011, the Team Team was captained by returnees Estevan Cohn and Britt Hatcher. The Team Team was built around five returnees (Estevan Cohn, Britt Hatcher, Noah Thorn, Blake Hawley, and Bobby Huddleston, all fourth year guys), three new fourth year guys, a third year guy and four third year girls. The 2011 Team Team beat The Other Guys 11-0 and the Thundercats 7-5 in a game that was timed instead of having a score limit in order to have time for the Student-Staff game. The Team Team was left to Michael Schroeder and Rylie Nelson in the fourth year wills of the 2011 captains. Since the tournament had teams chosen by staff in 2012, the Team Team did not participate and was left to Gant Player by Liz Harper (2011 returnee) for the 2013 tournament. Captained by Gant Player and Jaci Sullivan, the Team Team went on to easily win the student tournament in 2013. It was then left to Sam Fisher for the 2014 tournament.

After Sam Fisher left for Georgia Tech, a new Team Team was assembled at Duke West Term 2 2014 and won 4 games in a round robin, including a 3-0 sweep against the primarily 4th year Thundercats, while using 13 3rd years and just 1 4th year. The Duke West Branch of Team Team has been left to Nathan Gurgens for the 2015 tournament.

In 2017, the Team Team returned to their winning ways after being irrelevant in 2015 and 2016, beating Team Mbuzi (the 4th year team) 7-3 and Team Ant (2nd year team) 4-3 in the Round Robin Student Tournament. In the Staff game, they crushed the Staff Team 11-2, signifying their return to TiP West tradition.

As is tradition, the Team Team has played seven games against the staff after their seven championship matches respectively. The Team beat the staff in 2008 in a game that was ended early due to darkness. It lost to the staff in 2009 due to the fact that the staff had many amazing male players on their team, which included Noah Setzer, Sam Warlick, and Chad Gorbatkin. Even with the support of some Thundercats in 2010, the Team Team lost to the staff, bolstered by a returning Sam Warlick and new additions including Steven Shifke and Matt Love (it should be noted that the 2010 Team Team was composed of only five fourth years, three of them girls). In 2011, the Team Team (and four Thundercats) handled the staff easily by a score of 11-5. In 2013, the Team Team lost to the staff 15-4 due to the staff having multiple players from college ultimate teams like the great Ty Aderhold. In 2014, the Team Team beat the staff 6-5 with Thundercats support after some injuries during the Thundercats vs. Team Team match in the round robin. Although the staff had been winning 4-1, after a 20 minute span of no scores thanks to the amazing defense of Team Team's backups, the staff called subs. Thanks to the number of subs Team Team had (vs Staff, who had approximately 3), the staff tired out by the end. In 2017, the Team Team dominated the staff from start to finish, with their superior height and sub count decimating the staff. The game twas lit.


  • 2008
    • Saxon Sampley
    • Jeffrey Lee
    • Caleb A.
    • Matt Glover
    • Brett Virgin-Downey
    • Charlie Gonzalez
    • Jonathan Baker (Who returned as an RC in 2011, played on the staff's team, and still lost to The Team Team)
    • Evan Baker
    • Carson Potter
    • Sophie Chen
    • Andrew Jiang
    • Chris Cross (Chris Nart)
    • Catherine Morita
    • Peter Yom
    • Melissa Verne
    • Isabella Sanders
    • Nikki Neibloom
    • Alora Clark
  • 2009
    • Sophie Chen
    • Evan Baker
    • Peter Yom
    • Alora Clark
    • Jaclyn Boozalis
    • Katie Cook
    • Matt Glover
    • Chris Cross
    • William Leeser
    • Brett Virgin-Downey
    • Rob Hagerty
    • Spencer Wilson
    • Scott Jeffrey
    • Temple Price
    • Alex Henriquez
  • 2010
    • Isabella Sanders
    • Jaclyn Boozalis
    • Brandon Chen
    • Nick Chen
    • David Daniel
    • Bobby Huddleston
    • Britt Hatcher
    • Anna Wickham
    • Solomon McGinty
    • Noah Thorn
    • Estevan Cohn
    • Blake Hawley
    • Charlie Stainton
    • Teddy Boozalis
    • Elise Brannen
  • 2011
    • Estevan Cohn
    • Britt Hatcher
    • Bobby Huddleston
    • Blake Hawley
    • Noah Thorn
    • Roy Lan
    • Tyler Medina
    • Liz Harper
    • Libby Rogers
    • Rylie Nelson
    • Emma Astrike-Davis
    • Michael Schroeder
  • 2013
    • Gant Player
    • Jaci Sullivan
    • Sam Fisher
    • Jake Richter
    • Dominik Verstovsek
    • Eric Yu
    • Lauren Bernard
    • Sam Schimek
    • Darius Homesley
    • Lucie Kresl
    • Ali Young
    • Jared London
    • Jack
    • David
  • 2014
    • Nathan Gurgens (Captain)
    • Kyle Boyette
    • Hudson Fernandes
    • Cole Forson
    • Nikhil Gavini
    • Paul Kim
    • Scott Lynn
    • Symon Ma
    • Cooper Schaefer (Part of Frisbee Bromance)
    • Luke Smith
    • Chris Song (4th YR Rep)
    • Robert Luke Stevenson
    • Garrett Stoler
    • Fabio Zihlmann (Part of Frisbee Bromance)
    • Aurian Naderi (Thundercats)
    • Nathan Ng (Thundercats)
    • Adam Tarrant (Thundercats)
  • 2017
    • Jacob Gilleland
    • JP Braunfisch
    • Max Burk (Captain)
    • Aaran Chandler (LVP)
    • Dylan Crouch
    • Hari Ganeshan (Third year Captain)
    • Nikhil Harikrishnan
    • Annette Hasnas
    • Duncan Paul
    • Evan Phillips (MVP)
    • Eleanor Richard
    • Austin Torain
    • Jason Valdez
    • Jessica Wild
    • Oskar Wolff

Team Team's 2017 Logo

2009 auxiliary Team Team members

Trevor Quick was the unofficial official manager and coach of the team. Xavier Primus was the unofficial official assistant coach who played into the very angry and very black coach stereotype. Riley Hannan and Lawrence Lee were unofficial cheerleaders.

Zulu Force Dispute

Some members of the Zulu Force ultimate team in 2009 disputed that they could have won the tournament had five members of the Team Team, originally Zulus, participated on the Zulu Force ultimate team instead. However this is probably the case because the Zulus who played on the Team Team were mostly receivers, namely Peter Y. and Alex H., and would not need to have increased the Zulu Force's ability to actually throw a frisbee.


During the most quiet and suspenseful part of the movie Wall-e, the entire camp heard Wall-e announce "the team team sucks." Though some may debate this fact, because it was in a Disney movie, it must be true.