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Most tipsters are aware of the TiP Llama. This is a tradition passed along within the East Term Two tipsters. However, has a llama and Llama Mama as well. How exactly this came to be, there are many stories, but none have yet been verified. As one story has it, one year, a term two student was (supposedly) in line to receive the llama. However, the following year, other activities forced her to switch to term one. Appalled that there was no form of any tangible tradition being passed down from person to person, the Term One Llama was born. It is a pair of hott pink stilletoes. The only reason it is called the Term One Llama is for lack of a better name. Obviously, the Llama is one of the best gifts passed down. Since term one was not cool enough to actually have their own Llama, their version of it was dubbed the Term One Llama. Almost as cool, but not quite. The had previously been a girl for each year of the Term One Llama’s existence, until 2007.

The Term One Llama is a symbol of the “most TiP person”, and also of the Greatness That is TiP. The Term One Llama mama is usually someone who is friendly to all tipsters, and has the best “tip spirit”.It is also known for bringing happiness to the tip term. It is passed down from the Term One Llama Mama at the end of their fourth year, at the Talent Show on the , during the fourth year speeches, to a worthy third year to keep until their fourth year speech.(at the end of term, the Term One Llama Mama, who was a fourth-year, passed the Llama on to her favorite third year to bring back and spread the joy to future TIPgenerations) As you can see, the Term One Llama is a very awesome Term One tradition.

In 2009, Sahare Wazirali was given the shoes at the Talent Show. However, when it was revealed that she would not be able to return to TiP, The Bosses made sure that Jordan Rudner became the new Term One Llama Mama. On Jordan's 16th Birthday, Sahare came to the restaurant where the Rudners were eating dinner and gave Jordan the shoes.


The Term One Llama mamas have been:

Year Term One Llama mama
2004-2005 (Antonia)
2005-2006 (Yetunde)
2006-2007 Savannah Lloyd
2007-2008 Blake Montgomery
2008-2009 Brooke Burrows
2009-2010 Sahare Wazirali/
2010-2011 Madeleine Hill
2011-2012 Danielle Williamson
2012-2013 Dani Echeverri