The Term One Llama mama

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At the end of term, the Term One Llama Mama, who was a fourth-year, passed down the Term One Llama on to their favorite third year to bring back and spread the joy to future TIPgenerations. The Term One Llama mama is usually someone who is friendly to all tipsters, and has the best “tip spirit”.It is also known for bringing happiness to the tip term. It is passed down from the Term One Llama Mama at the end of their fourth year, at the Talent Show on the last night, during the fourth year speeches, to a worthy third year to keep until their fourth year speech. The llama, however can make appearances at term dances and events. We East Term one kids derived this traditon from the Term Two Llama, a llama pinata. This is a females only sort of tradition.

the past term one llama mamas :



2005-2006- (Yetunde)