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Ninja was a game that was very popular at TIP in term II of 2010 at West and Davidson. It was also very popular at ASU at both terms during 2010 2011, and Davidson 2013 term II. It was much like Wah the previous year in its popularity. Many students would participate before classes on Class Quad, and often students would play during breaks. One of the themes of the term's Doctor Doctor skits was Ninja.

Rules of Ninja

Ninja can be played with 2 or more people. The players get in a circle-ish structure. Someone is designated to make the first move (usually the winner of a previous game). A person is allowed to either take two steps or jump per turn. While moving, they must attempt to move their hands in a way so as to hit another person's hands before they can draw them away. When your hands are hit, you are out or the round. The person who is being attacked is permitted to defend themselves by moving their hands but not their bodies, and only once the other person begins to move. Twitch flinching is looked down upon, and the player must reset their hands once they do it. Play order is determined based on whoever the person who moves first attacks.


  • Their are two types of hand motions on attack, the stab and the swipe
    • The stab is a direct attack by jutting your hand directly at the other person's hand.
      • it is more effective for attacks, but you cannot withdraw your hand, leaving it vulnerable to attack on your opponent's turn
    • The swipe is a slashing motion that goes from one side of yuor body to the opposite.
      • It is less effective because you do not often take the most direct route towards your opponent's body. However, the followthrough leaves you in a better defensive position
  • You don't have to attack. Many people opt to put their hands behind their back on their turn. You will probably be kicked out of the game if you do this.
  • Jumping away from the circle is useful but frowned upon and anyone who does this may be kicked out of the game.
    • Jumping away often allows you to mount secret attacks in large groups, because people often forget your location or presence in the game
  • early turn attacks are useful if you believe the person is not ready for your attack or aware your turn is occuring.
  • stalling your turn is effective if the person you plan to attack is in a bad position, as it may cause them to flinch.
    • flinching creates paranoia about when you move, and it is effective to hit people as they reste their hands.
  • You don't have to go for those who are next to you. Leaping strikes to people 2 or three spots away will often catch them off guard.

ASU Term I 2011

Almost everyone played ninja at some point or another during free time. The favored move was the crotch grab, which dissuaded the opponents fom striking you. Games could often move around the whole quad, and be carried on as they walked to dinner. The trees lining the quad would often be used as sheilds during games, as well as the statues in the middle.

WEST Term II 2010

There was an elite group of Ninja players established. Prominent players included Josh Yandell, John Garbuzinski, Jess LoVerde, Fiona, Bobby Huddleston, Torin Rukab, Christian Alexander, and that Chris kid (who was really good but diabolical for jumping into the middle every single game). Bobby (aka Bobert sometimes when Colin was doing impressions...another story...) was pretty fantastic at the game and it often came down to him and another party in the final two (typically Chris or Jess or John...really anybody besides Josh (but it's okay Josh because we all love you anyway)). Everybody always ended up hitting him in various places (the back, the chest, the abdomen, the crotch). The most dreaded place to hit someone ever in was The Watch. Bobby and Jake usually wore hard metal watches that could severely injure anyone who was unlucky enough to slam their hand into It. Jess was a vicious competitor and everybody always LOL'd heartily when she lost because she made a fantastic show of leaving almost every time. Jess was a pretty boss person. Fiona patented her signature technique of placing her hands directly above her boobs so none of the guys would attempt to get her out (for fear of missing the hand and touching Her Lactating Bits, obviously). Attempts were made occasionally by the more precise aimers (Bobby, and sometimes Christian, though he'd get scared and miss them most of the time). However, this technique enabled her to move on to final rounds many a time (along with her also patented Jumping-Back-Too-Far-At-Start-Of-Game strategy (which once made her trip over her backpack and nearly gravely injure herself on the hard ground)). Occasions when Bobby did not win Ninja were heralded and celebrated (not because Bobby lost, but because others had a chance to win). Eventually, the circle just got too big and had too many people confusing the order, so the original group called "Originals" and moved into a separate circle, leaving the other players to form their own circle. This was basically to keep it within the group of friends that formed it, or so it appeared. The circle was usually the same in its organization. Jess usually stood next to Josh (she first stood next to Bobby and then realized that standing as far away from him as possible increased her chances of winning) and someone else, Josh was usually near Jake, who was usually near Jess or Fiona, and Fiona was pretty much always next to Bobby (LOVE CONNECTION haha Bobert and Fiona...), who basically stood next to whoever he felt like (John and Fiona (always Fiona)). Evil stances included hands-in-front-of-boobs, hands-in-front-of-balls, and hands-up-high-where-nobody-can-reach-them. Sometimes in going for outrageous evil stances ended up in compromising positions. When Bobby had his hands up in he air or outstretched almost impossibly, Jake would sometimes go for it and end up hilariously, and Fiona would also go for it and she was known to end up in some awkward positions with Bobby. Actually, sometimes she would end up really close to him and just look up into his eyes, and then the person who went after her would get her out. Hehe, sucked for her. Those in love risk losing in Ninja, where you can have NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENTS... The Ninja games every morning, after lunch, and after dinner were often looked-forward to. Because they were just that awesome. ♥ ♥ ♥

Davidson 2013 Term II

Kind of the term's official game. Also the inspiration for Alex's RC group's TipSync performance, which mainly consisted of standing on stage and ninja chopping each other.