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The Class Quad is Located on West Campus. It has no official name according to the University. It is also known as N Quad. It is located outside of N commons, and is where students commonly meet for classes. Many other various activities take place on Class Quad, such as dances and Evening activities.

Location and Structure

Class Quad is located outside of N commons. Near the N commons door, the Quad is paved, but the rest of the quad is grassy with trees, sidewalks, and a large sculpture. There is about a 1 and a half foot high dividing wall between the grass and the pavement. The Quad is surrounded on every side. To the Northeast, the Boardwalk and The Great Hall form the end of the quad. Students can go under the boardwalk ,and there are bathrooms located inside of the great Hall's lower level. There is also a university student-run hair salon that is out-of-bounds. To the Southeast, Hall P of Kilgo ends the Quad, and there is an entrance door that students are not allowed through because it leads to the basement. To the southwest, there is the entrance to N Commons that is also off limits. The southwest part of the quad ends at a service road.

Before Classes

After students complete a meal, they are required to go outside the Great Hall to this quad to wait for their class to meet. Students play games like Ninja to pass the time, and others pass the frisbee around near the dividing wall on the grass. Many choose to just engage in conversation, often under the boardwalk. 4th years often congregate on an orange bench near the N commons door.

Dances and How to Dance to Traditional Songs

During dances, about half the quad (The side closest to the boardwalk) is walled off with ribbon. Dances are typical held out here when the grass in Kilgo Quad becomes too torn up because of moshing during Sandstorm. Unfortunately, Class Quad was in much worse condition than Kilgo Quad by the end of summer term 2010. The dances are often DJ'd from N common, especially if there is a chance of rain. Staff will often stand on the dividing wall and dance along, but this is really a preventative method of keeping TIPsters off the concrete to avoid injury.


Dancers mosh on the area where TIPsters throw the frisbee before class, right up against the dividing wall. Drag staff members in to the mosh pit if possible.


Find Jandro and drag him into the middle of a circle. Don't let him out. Make him dance. He is allowed to pull other people in to grind with him or dance with him.

Time Warp

TIPsters merely do it in lines. Staff stand on the dividing wall. It isn't quite as memorable as on Kilgo Quad, where 4th years do it on the Sigma Nu bench.

It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

TIPsters run in a circle around the ribbon. TIPsters who do not want to run get in the middle of the circle. Staff will rwach from the dividing wall to give high fives. High five them. When TIPsters offer you high-fives, however, slap their hand as hard as you can.

American Pie

TIPsters form a circle. 4th years form a circle in the middle of that circle. You know the rest.

Evening activities

Class Quad is where Evening activities are sometimes held. Sports that do not require a large field, such as Hantis or Quidditch. The area is ideal for these sports because of elevation changes and trees, which would ruin a sport like soccer or Ultimate.