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N Commons is a commons room on Duke West campus. It is the only other commons to have a TV other than O Commons. The room hosts and RC group nights, as it is now off limits to TIPsters, since the teaching staff uses the basement. When classes have presentations or are showing movies, some teachers will take the class to N commons due to the large amount of couch space. the TV in the commons can be hooked up to a laptop. It is located on the basement floor near N House.

A particular interest of the room is its vending machines, which sell Snapple, a few other drinks, and another for snacks. They only accept quarters, so one must be sure to have sufficient silver in order to buy. The other known vending machines, also in the basement, are in the Laundry room. Recommended flavors of Snapple are Peach Tea and Strawberry Kiwi. The foods include rare "LATE NIGHT(r) Last Call JalapeƱo Popper Tortilla Chips by Doritos", canned tuna (with crackers) of unrecorded age, pork rinds, beef jerky, some gum, and some other less interesting chips.

Most of the time, students spend their visits on the couches. All three are blue, just as with O commons.

Notable events

2009, Term 1

  • Improv was held here on the first activity night.

2009, Term 2

  • Lip sync was held here on the third night