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O Commons at Duke West is the commons room near Kilgo Quad. It is one of two commons that has a TV, the other being N Commons. This and the couches makes it a popular hang out during free time, though the TV is usually on a show that only a TIP student would choose. It also has a table that is used for many card/board games and a kitchen with a fridge that can be used to store things in, though they are likely to be stolen from there. All of these make it an ideal location for evening activities and free time.

When entering through the door in the arch to Kilgo, there are stairs and an accessible slope in the small "room" before the Commons. Black and white photographs from Duke students are displayed in these walls. TIPsters sometimes play cards or read here, such as if the Commons is too crowded or loud. By continuing, there are a couple tin/metal water fountains, relief during Scavenger Hunt. Finally, facing the right of the water and kitchen are a closet (possible hiding spot along these vacuums and mops) and a single person washroom.

The room itself is lined with wooden boards on the walls, with one being a secret storage compartment, but requires a key. Along the same wall is the television, and facing it are two blue three-seat couches. The right wall (by sitting on the couches) is a loveseat(?) and sometimes a table. Under the tv is another slim, low table; the remotes and players are here. Behind the couches are the windows, one can see the main quad from inside. Wood chairs and the main table are arbitrarily scattered, and sat around (really).

Oftentimes a strange odor will penetrate the area, ranging from sewage to pungent popcorn. No sources have been verified.


This list is incomplete; you can help by

A large amount of showings go around here, as its flat-screen plasma(?) television is good for watching. Although it is not as large as the other, its located much closer to most TIPsters' access.

In general:

  • Spongebob Squarepants - Every TIPster loves this, don't deny it. The derp squad would sing the theme loudly when it came on, including on the morning of the final last hours...
  • Sports - Well...Sports. Baseball, American football, soccer...
  • Germany (de facto) - The best ULTIMATE channel ever: A single slide with a photo of Germany, captioned "Germany" underneath. The background is a dark navy blue, the picture looks like from Google Images, and the words in sans-serif all-caps white (or was it black?).
  • Law and Order- there were many marathons of this
  • iCarly - This show is famous for ending in raep. The derp squad notably pointed this, as well as the :P dog in Carly's room, at every opportunity. The Intro to iCarly cannot be viewed without head-banging violently.
  • HOURS OF TRUCKS[sic] - An outrageous commercial for an outrageous DVD set. Advertises that the video will teach kids, "Letters, Colors and Shapes!". This lead to the joke that every vehicle ever can be a great way to learn about squares, rhombuses and parallelograms. Also triangles, as expressed by Steve/Spencer.
  • Blendy Pens - Magical drawing markers, can fuse colors to create effects...everyone's seen this. A TIPster, Sean, was deathly afraid of the crazy looking mascot. Another, Amy, responded by drawing it a la Giger (the artist), but it failed and instead was called a "Broccoli Tree man with mountains in the back". So she drew that.

2009 Term 1

(chronologically, bold was scheduled)

  • Juno/??? (Movie night) - One of the first evening activities.
  • Spanglish - People were passing time.
  • The Princess Bride (Movie and Cookies) - An old and about-classic film, medieval setting and highly comedic. A few TIPsters could recite quotes. Cookies were blank sugar ones distributed on napkins, but chocolate and vanilla spread and plastic knives were provided. So were M&Ms, but only 2? packages, thus TIPsters threw in their money for more. There were 3 batches, of which the third bled past the activity's time (but people stayed to eat them anyways, despite minor burns; they were fresh from the oven!).
  • Garfield - Part of a Bill Murray marathon. A few TIPsters sat around the desk. Some drew.
  • Ghostbusters - Another with Bill Murray. Aforementioned TIPsters moved under the desk. A few TIPsters were already fans, oh Nerd Campers...Dragon*Con was also mentioned.
  • Mean Girls (?) - (was it for an evening activity?) Some scenes were not very TIPpropiate, but none minded. "I will keep you here all night-" "We can't keep them past four" "I will keep you here until four."
  • Stick It - Shown at the end of the night, was about gymnastics. Many left when allowed, before it was finished, but some stayed. Those from other activities joined in. Some were sweaty.
  • James Bond (?)
  • Michael Jackson tribute marathon on MTV - The Pop-star died during the Term, and an RC (Nolan) thought it'd be good to watch it. Many agreed and followed, sometimes dancing along.
  • U.S. vs Brazil soccer game - Brazil won, there were fans, and they were happy.
  • The Notebook (semi-scheduled, not activity) -
  • Aladdin (for Disney Sing-a-long) - Voted simultaneously with Iron Man's showing, it was picked among the Disney movies for this activity. The staff provided print-outs of the lyrics. A Whole New World ringing throughout the night was a sentimental, yet annoyed one or two TIPsters as some sang it until lights-out.
  • The Fifth Element - On the Last Night, this sci-fi-action-drama-opera-romance-not100%TIPropiate-film...and more... played along the pizza devouring and auctions ($2~$6). Nobody really understood it; the description was accurately thrown together by a TIPster (Rachel).
  • The Truman Show - Playing on the (literal) last day for the late leavers (11:30~12pm). A movie about a man whose whole life is a television show; this could be birth to some new Lore?