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The dorm buildings in Duke West are divided into several Houses, of which TIP uses K, L, M, N, O, and P. The system for dorm numbers are (House Letter)(Floor)(Room). For example, if a dorm is the ninth on the second floor of K, it would be K209.

House K

See: Kilgo

House L

Location of the Princess Tower and the place to get on the roof

House M

House N

See also: N Commons

House O

See also: O Commons

Floor 1

Floor 2

Two third year girl's RAGs and a second year boy's RAG reside here. One bathroom, used by the female RAGs, is reached by going forward from the stairs, on the left. The dorm facing the door of the restroom may frequently play music that is fairly audible outside, though most are not bothered. In Term 1 '09, there would be a single looping song played from 6am to 8.30am; most of the time it was Beautiful by Akon, but sometimes Kiss Me Through The Phone by Soulja Boy. Around 8.30am to 9am, cleaning staff arrive through elevator, to replace paper towels and mop the hall floors. No, they don't have keys; ask your RC and always keep your lanyard on when going even to just wash. Boys are not uncommon on this floor. The above level has fourth year guys, and they may share interpersonal connections with those right below.
Adventure ensues among these visitors.

There is a nook by, from the stairs, going right and on the left side. There is no window but does have a "bench"-seat. People play cards here, especially Mao.

Floor 3

Fourth year boys live here. There is a nook with a window and "bench", reached from the stairs by turning right and following the hall.

House P

Floor 1

2 Words: P Commons

Floor 2

Floor 3


Laundry and its respective room are here. Unfortunantely, it is a blocked-off area due to the fact that there is a computer lab, but an RC can take TIPsters. The basement spans a large amount of space, but mostly only used for Laundry and a Commons room. Two staircases reach down to the laundry room's hall (O~P). The lighting is dim. The floors have some flat stains.

Along several doors are past signs, banners or ads (usually Duke related), but one bears a certainly peculiar bulletin board, written on with black sharpie.

As of Term 2, 2013, the basement is no longer off limits to TIPsters, and in fact, two RAGs lived in the basement during that term.