Guide to Getting on the Roof of Duke West

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Getting on the roof seems to always have been a fascination for TIP students. Though it seems many a student on East has been on the roof, it seems less common on West. This may be due to higher security measures or just kids who don't want to get caught.


In 2015 a TiPster fell off the roof at East (he didn't fall intentionally.) He survived, but after breaking his back, most of his left leg, and a lot more. It goes to show that things can go wrong. I'm not endorsing or trying to put people off. Just be safe if you do. Actually don't even try to get on the roof because you'll eithe rbe kicked out or blacklisted from TiP. So unless you want to be in massive trouble, I would advise against this.


Location 1

My guide to getting on the roof uses the attic door in room L401 because the door can be locked and when you get onto the roof you are on the backside and can't be seen from Kilgo.


I have done this myself, once in the day and once at night, I am not encouraging breaking any TIP rules, this is just meant as a guide for those who want to, you may be caught, but that is your own fault not mine.

Where is the room?

Seeing as Duke West can be very complicated to someone who has never been before, we will go step by step.

  1. When in Kilgo Quad, find and enter the door to house L.
  2. Go up the flight of stairs right inside the door until you are on the third floor.
  3. Once at the top of the stairs, take a left and walk straight until you see a flight of stairs in front and little to the left of you.
  4. Continue up these stairs until you reach the top and the room is on your right.

Now What?

  • Seeing as this is likely not your room, find out whose room it is and talk to them about what you want to do.
  • If they are reluctant because they don't want to get in trouble, tell them that if you get caught, you will say that you stole their lanyard and that they shouldn't get in trouble. Most logical TIPsters would see that this will not hurt them, and will let you.

I'm in the room, where do I go now?

  1. Look directly up and notice the attic.
  2. You will probably need a chair to reach it, there should be one in the room.
  3. Pull it down slowly, it will squeak, but not to worry, it can't be heard on the third floor (personal experience).
  4. There should be a metal ladder, pull it down and climb up.
  5. Once in, there is an obvious latch that will lead to the roof.
  6. Don't worry the access leads to the backside of the roof that faces the street, if you want to see Kilgo it is on the opposite side.

Extra Notes

  • If at night, bring a flashlight, you will need it in the attic.
  • If you go alone, I would lock the door, but leave the attic open.
  • If with a group I would take turns with one person at the bottom to listen for RCs
  • Be wary of camera flash at night.

Location 2

The roof can be accessed easily through two of the rooms on the third floor of P hall. These two rooms are the one on the end (P301) and the one to the right of this room.

The one on the end leads to the top of the archway between the boardwalk that leads to the Brian Center and Main Quad. It is very easy to access, you merely have to climb out the window and you are there on the archway. There are walls and it is flat, making it a very safe place to be. There are AC vents to hide behind, making it very easy not to get caught. Staff members are not likely to see you unless they are going to or from the Brian Center. Since third floor P is often controlled by 4th years, many with the desire to break the rules will go out on this roof, since it can comfortably hold about 20 people.

The one in the adjacent room is merely a two person balcony. This balcony can also be accessed by climbing out of the windows of the room. the balcony is very hard to be seen from by staff members, since they can only see you from the end of main quad. It is totally secluded because the balcony has walls protecting it from every angle, and it is only two person, so no one really wants to go out there anyway.

A little known way to get to the roof also exists. This is risky, but it pays off. If you go to the P-Commons (1st floor of P-hall), you will see a door on the right wall of P commons with no label. This is an old security route that leads to the roof. Once you enter the hall, if you take a sharp left you will see a staircase. If you follow this all the way up, it goes straight to the roof. Little know about this path but it is very effective. Once on the roof you will find a map which will take you on your next quest. Good luck, adventurer.


  • There are many, many other ways to get to the attic and roof of kilgo house, but the rooms with access are often controlled by staff members.
  • In 2010, no TIPsters had fourth floor rooms and most rcs took the rooms with roof access.

Few Quad

The only way to access the roof from Few is to put yourself in a near-death situation. RCs check TiPWiki, too. We didn't think anybody would be thoughtless enough to attempt this or to advocate for this. The door will now be locked forever. Thanks for letting us know that we can't trust you to not be reckless.