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Improv is another evening activity, which usually comprises of various short comedic games. In Duke West, 2009, Term 1, there was a grand total of two "and a half" activity sessions. The half was the first part of Prop Comedy (or more affectionately, Chalk Drawing). , aka Frisbee God, led the two actual Improv sessions with much success, including a skit where he and another RC talked about him contracting AIDS. In 2011, Term II, a total of four improv activities were held, the first being generally considered to be the best, and the second to be the worst. It was during the first event that the TIPpropriate Police were born, after Colin Olson and Josh Yandell were forced to save numerous rounds of freeze due to their "not TIPpropriate!" nature.

At UGA, term 2, 2010 there was also improv. It was available as an evening activity once during each week of the term (I believe it was each Tuesday). There was also a improv tryouts on the second Sunday for the Improv all star team. Eight people made it through the original tryouts (Meghan Dorn, Marianna Hagler, Maddie Welsh, Brian Taylor, Tori Lloyd, Jas Rempala, Kev Qian, Bri) and, in the end, the improv all star team consisted of: Meghan Dorn, Tori Lloyd, Jas Rempala, and Marianna Hagler. They performed during the Talent Show with success of epic proportions.


((please correct the names, this is only as far as I can remember))

  • Chain Reaction Game - This exercise usually starts off an improv session. Everyone spreads out around the room with at least an arm's span away from everyone else. Everyone looks at someone and faces in their direction. Everyone then closes their eyes and makes a pose. Eventually, everyone opens their eyes and has to copy the pose and sounds (if introduced) of the person that you were looking at continuously.
  • Story - Many variations exist, but the basic idea is that each person contributes a word, phrase, line, sentence, etc. in order to create a narration.
  • Lines from a hat/bucket/etc. - Like Story, everyone in a group writes down ideas for lines and words and puts them in some sort of container. Then, usually 2 people go up and perform a scene intermittently incorporating these lines in their scene, but they cannot see the line before they say it.
  • 7 Things - One person starts out by giving another person a category to say the first 7 things that come to mind when that category is said.
  • Broken Telephone
  • Freeze - A group starts out by portraying a scene. A member of the audience can call out "Freeze", tap one of the group members, switch places with them, and continue with same poses, but, with a different situation. Rinse and repeat.
  • Ding/Quick Change/Switch - Two or three of a group start a scene, and one member stands in the sidelines. Whenever they call "Ding" or "Change" or something like that, the last line of the skit changes, usually drastically. Eg:"I hate my aunt" dings to, "I love my aunt", and so on.
  • Park Bench - this is when people take turns trying to make the other so uncomfortable that they leave the "bench".
  • Narrator- two actors have a scene to perform (silently), whether given by the audience or coming out of a hat or what have you. Two narrators are outside of hearing range whilst the two actors reveal their scene to the audience. The narrators are allowed back in the improv space. Thusly, the actors act their scene, and the narrators describe the action, whether their descriptions be accurate or not. More often not.
  • Party Quirks - Four people are chosen from the group. Three will be guests and one will host a party. The host leaves hearing range whilst the other three are given quirks, whether they be from the audience, a hat, or what have you. These quirks can be as simple as "cheerleader" or as complex as "secretly has a farm in her basement". The host comes back into the space, and says some awkward things about having a party. The first guest knocks on the door, and is allowed in by the host to display his (her) quirk. This happens until every player is inside the "house". Then, the host discreetly (or indiscreetly for amateurs) tries to guess the quirks of each guest.
  • The Dating Game - Similar to Party Quirks. Four people are chosen. One (the bachelor[ette]) goes outside. The other three are given personas; these personas can be actual people (Barack Obama), characters (Bon Qui Qui), or just really strange things (has a farm in her basement). The bachelor comes back in and asks the three people questions pertaining to their personality, dating style, et cetera, whilst trying to figure out their persona. When the bachelor figures it out, (s)he discreetly guesses. RC M-Nasty did the best Borat impersonation ever in this improv event.