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Frisbee is played everyday after breakfast, lunch and dinnner. Frisbee also occupies the the 15 minute break that the righteous, frisbee-playing TIP students recieve during their morning and evening class. And if you whip your TA enough, you even get to play frisbee during some of the evening session.


If you have participated in Duke TIP you have probably thrown or at least seen a frisbee. You might have even taken part in the Annual Student Ultimate Tournament. Ultimate is a game played with a disc. It is a highly cardio-vascular game because it requires constant movement. The game is sweeping across the nation as it is being played in some colleges, high schools, and even some middle schools. Frankly, it's the best game in the world. While it is a non-contact sport, there are the occasional fights/shouting matches between TIPsters, especially during AGGfest/PITfest ect. It is a very competitive sport at TIP, and contrary to popluar belief, the girls can get just as aggressive about it as the guys. FUN FACT: Adams, an RC at Davidson Term 2 '10 plays ultimate frisbee for Washington University! FUN FACT: Dwhani, an RC at Kansas term II '06 plays ultimate frisbee for Princeton! FUN FACT: Paige, an RC at Texas (terms I and II) '08 plays ultimate frisbee for Brown University!


  • 7 players from each team on the field
  • game to 15
  • players call their own fouls
  • can not move with possesion of frisbee
  • no double teaming
  • possesion of the frisbee is switched when the frisbee is dropped on the ground
  • Stall to 7 or 10, depending on the RC in charge.
  • Technically, the receiving team on a pull (throwoff) loses possession if somebody on that team touches the frisbee and the team fails to catch it. This rule is only intermittently enforced, however.
    • add any rules you know of (the full official rules can be found here)
  • Some staff-organized games, such as the student tournament, some evening activity games, and the student staff game (at least at East) have an additional rule that some (usually at least two) girls must be on the field at all times for both teams.

The College Theory of Frisbee

At ASU during term 1, it became a belief that 2 / 5 college kids become good at Frisbee simply because they are in college. Some people did not believe this, but the staff vs. student competition during PITfest said it all.


A game played by Human Intelligence during Term II at West 2006. To play, simply substitute a sandal for the frisbee. While it is quite fun, it is typically only played when there is no frisbee available.


"Game Theory: If you throw a frisbee at a tree, it will get stuck in the tree."- Year of the Swine Flu, first term at East Duke.

S-M-E-A-R you can't throw the frisbee far!! (this however was untrue)