Giancarlo Bernini

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Year Year at TiP Campus Term Course Teacher/TA RAG Group
2010 1st Trinity II Psychology <Teacher/TA> Austin
2011 2nd Davidson II Business Strategy <Teacher/TA> Traven
2013 4th Duke West II Abnormal Psychology <Teacher/TA> Josh

Giancarlo is known for doing magic tricks around TIP. His favorite and arguably best trick is the Card in the Orange, which he has performed every year at the talent show.

In 2013 he also introduced a Rope Trick.

Talent show video: Part 1- Part 2-

He has also been known for doing simple card tricks over facebook/text/phone/skype/etc. He embedded a card trick prediction into his fourth year will.

  • Giancarlo was also known for being a HUGE Harry Potter fan and Prop Collector, and a Doctor Who fan
  • He is also an outspoken Christian (Roman Catholic) who spent a lot of time at TIP and on TIP Nation getting involved in religious/philosophical debates.
  • Giancarlo helped to start a Bible Study group at West that met in the mornings before breakfast. The group consisted of a few TIPsters and a TA.
  • His fourth year, he introduced the game of Silent Football to several TIPsters including his RAG.
  • Proud member of TEAM SAM in Quadfest West Term 2 2013 and of Team Legit in the Ultimate Tournament
  • Giancarlo is the admin of the Christian TIPsters and Dumbledore's TIPster Army groups on Facebook. He is also very active in other TIP groups.
  • Also known for writing and publishing a book of children's poetry titled "Second Chance" to raise money for a childhood cancer clinic
  • Also helped to write most of the Harry Potter Doctor Doctor skit at West Term 2 2013