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For the Trinity University campus, see Trinity University


Trinity is a group of 3 RCs:

Current Locations

Daag and Mark are going to law school; Mark at Duke and Daag at Washington University; Sam is supposed to be doing Islamic Studies at the American University in Cairo on a Fulbright Scholarship


Their 4th Year, all three were on the same hall. Mark and Sam were roomies.

Naturally, there has been some discussion on which person of the trinity each embodies. Formulations vary, but nearly everyone agrees that Mark Marvelli must be the Son, given the persistent TiP Baby rumors surrounding him.

A more obscure point is that the Trinity also recognize a "fourth person of the Trinity," the Metatron: TA David DeWeese, who was on staff at Duke East with Sam and Daag for four years.

A story that I heard from the Prevattinator: DeWeese and Mark Marvelli were playing best out of three rock-paper-scissors for the Mandate of Heaven. Marvelli wins the first round by playing paper to DeWeese's rock. On the next round, DeWeese, aware that Marvelli would sacrifice anything for the Mandate of Heaven, plays water. Water loses to rock, paper, and scissors, but beats fire (which can be played only once per lifetime). Marvelli played his fire, and supposedly the sheer force of DeWeese's water knocked Marvelli out of his chair. With the momentum firmly in hand, DeWeese topped Marvelli with rock over scissors.


  • Last night shenanigans
  • Daag: room confinement because he went to Alspaugh where he was not allowed. Of course Daag was not a good boy and ran around Bassett anyways.
  • Mark put his stereo against the door and blasted "Wild Honey Pie" by the Beatles while blissfully listening to something else on his Discman in bed. Mark was punished because he had an Alspaugh girl in his room with the door closed!
  • Almost every room had people confined the last night
  • The Trinity were all on the same floor; Mark and Sam were roomies 4th year