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Daag is a former TiP student and long-time TiP staff member. He was a TA for several years before becoming one of the RHLs for Bassett in 2004. He disappeared for a year before returning in 2006 as a lowly RC. In 2007, he continued his position as a Bassett RC, and was RHL for Basset in 2008. In 2009, he was noticeably missing from TIP, making 2009 the first year since 2001 that none of the Trinity was on TIP staff.


Daag attended TiP from 1996-1998. He attended Term I for all three years.


Daag began working at TiP in 2001 as a TA for Java. He returned to TiP in the same position the following two years, first as a TA for Algebra II and then as a TA for Java again. His fourth year as a staffer, he became RHL of Bassett, the fourth year dorm that year. He took a one year break from TiP in 2005 only to return again in 2006 as an RC in Alspaugh (the new fourth year dorm). In 2008 he will return to his post of RHL.


Daag was one-third of the group known as the Trinity, along with Sam Prevatt and Mark Marvelli. The three were students together for 3 years, culminating in sharing a hall in Term I of 1998. All three members of the Trinity left in 2004. As of 2006, Daag and Sam were both back on East campus, while Mark worked at TIP Texas. In 2007, all three returned to East campus.


Daag was, along with Mike Sori, creator of the Super RAG, a rag which dominated TIP East Term 2 2006. They joined forces after the expulsion of the infamous Marsmello (he who told Sam Prevatt that "he can't do that"), leading to a 21 man "Super RAG." For their termbook picture (as well as God knows how many other times), the Super RAG dragged the common room furniture from one of the residential buildings (probably Bassett) out onto the quad. How badass is that?

More importantly, Daag ran three TIP Lore activities in 2004 (two one term, one the other). These activities led to the creation of the "TiP Lore and More" website and, eventually, this very TiPwiki.


Main Entry: Daa-gy
Pronounciatin: \ˈda-gē\

Function: adjective
Etymology: Where ever Daag's parents come from, I suppose.
Date: August 1st, 2008

1: Something characterized by utter brilliance, that, when all other adjectives fail, can only be described as "daagy".

  • Examples
    • "It was daagy when Daag scored by making a diving catch of a dropped pass by the Laser Dragons in the Staff/Student Ultimate Frisbee game of Duke East Term II 2008.
    • "Daag is by far the most daagy person on Duke East's Campus."

Synonyms (almost)
amazing, awesome, brilliant, astounding, remarkable, incredible, mind-blowing

History of "daagy"

The word daagy came into existence on August 1st, 2008 (as previously stated under "date"), when a humble 2nd year was searching for an adjective to use in innocent conversation with Daag himself. When the word was uttered, something like "How in the world did I ever become important enough to inspire the use of a new word whose root is my name?!" ran through his head and was displayed across his face. He asked her what she meant by this and she replied along the lines of "I could not think of a better word to describe your awesomeness, and therefore daagy was the only one that fit". But instead of believing her and running to hug her for her kindness, he responded in such a way as to say "You're lying! (he always thought she was lying) You do not mean that!". In a frantic fit of finding (wow that was great alliteration) a way to make him believe her, she countered "I do mean it! I will create a TiPwiki for it!" (because like the llama or the battle of Marvelli, everything on TiPwiki will remain part of history forever!) He looked at her with doubt in his eyes, but the truth of her speech was ever present and he had not but to believe what she said. The word daagy has been used in conjunction with describing an event that is as amazing as the person whom inspired it's creation ever since! [edit]


Here's to you Daag the RHL, because you are one "daag-ass" mo'fo, and if you could see my eyes as I type this, you would know I am not lying.