Jakob Thorn (Jakob With A K)

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Jakob was a a Duke East Term 1 TiPster (although he attended Term 2 for his 2nd year- during which he orchestrated the stealing of the llama). In 2011, he took the Criminal Minds class and became well-known for his stage kissing attempts on various girls as a part of his social experiments. Perhaps the most famous example of this was attempted on Kate Gibson, due to it being recorded on video by Lillian, as well as how realistic it looked, and how Kate awkwardly (and completely unintentionally) kicked her legs back.. Much to Kate's dismay, the video went viral around TiP campus, texted and shown back and forth, and even posted on YouTube. Jakob also performed these social experiments on various other girls.

Jakob also was a major player in the epic tales of the first year of Squiggles Leprechaun Lastname. Jakob originally Squiggles to campus and began the tradition of passing him down.

Jakob is part of an epic bromance between himself and Matt Robertson.

As a fourth year at East Term 1, he participated in the "Miss TiP" pageant, and because of his "non-tippropriate" performance, the pageant was forever banned.

In 2016, Jakob was an RC at Wake Forest, where he was known as "SuperRC." Unfortunately, he was involved in The Fall, despite the fact that he did not willingly or knowingly break any rules.

As an RC at Wake Forest, Jakob's RC Group was The Knights of the Not-So-Round-Table.

We love you Jakob!!!