Knights of The Not So Round Table

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T'Was a morning in June, on the Campus of The Forest of Wake, Term 1, Two-Thousand and Sixteen, AD, when the Great Pope Jakob with a K had a simple idea, that would alter the world. He would start a crusade in the name of alleviating boredom. So, starting with his own RC Group, he began Knighting, Naming Saints, and Granting Lordships. This collection of weirdos became the Knights of The Not So Round Table. From then on, he has added many Knights, Saints, Lords, and Ladies to the Table, but the first still form the central table.

The First Ten

These TIPsters formed Jakob's RC group and the first Knights of the Not So Round Table. The first name is their "Knight Names," while the other is their "Termbook Names."In no particular order:

  • Sir Donovan the Deranged/ Mr. Mystical Mongoose
  • Sir/St. Joey the Jovial/ the "Perfectly Generic"
  • Sir Drew the Destructor/ the Very Bad Wizard
  • Sir Nicolas the Narcoleptic/ the Nickel-Store Nicholas Cage
  • Sir Ethan the Elder/ the [INSERT WITTY KNIGHT EPITHET HERE]
  • Sir/St. Paul the Pessimistic/ the aptly named "Sir Not Appearing in This Termbook"
  • Sir Graham of Restvalia/ The Twitchy Tyrant
  • Sir Bryan the Brave/ the Not-So-Very-Brave-At-All
  • Sir Jerry the (Adjective Forthcoming)/ the Mostly Sober Leaf-Bearer
  • Sir William the (Adjective Forthcoming)/ "All the Minstrels"

Of course, there were many added on beyond these few, but the original ten were the central table members.

Other Knights/Saints/Lords/Ladies

I can't remember any.

I believe Jakob himself made Emmett Knight of the Gays, a well deserved title.