Matt Robertson

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At time of writing, Matt just finished his 3rd year at TIP. He attended Term 1 @ KU in 2009 and took Myths & Legends. He went to Duke East Term 2 in 2010 and took Revolution and Terror with Mel Weyant as a TA. In 2011, he went to Term 1 at East and took Despots, Kings and CEO's again with Mel, although this was unplanned. He's known for being a big fan of Mel, forming her facebook fanclub and convincing an entire RAG his 3rd year to move their RAG-night in order to attend TIP-lore during Mandatory Fun that evening. He's filled with TIP spirit, his attempts to revive Emo Monday in 2011 were unsuccessful, with him and Cheng-wei being the only people adorned for the day. He's one of the original caretakers of Squiggles and is responsible for his rescue from the abusive hands of Jakob. His sillystring duels with Kate resulted in countless pieces of pink and green sillystring being found on 1st floor Pegram in the wee hours of the last night. He was part of The Fabulous Brown Body Crayon Extravaganza and although in 2011 he was known for being surrounded by girls, by the last week he had fostered several intense bromances: Max(continuation from 2010), Liam, Quinn, Skippy, Amar, Jackson and Jakob; all but Jakob were in class with him. He founded The fancy club with Kate during afternoon freetime on the first Wednesday. He was a member of the TIPsync group Me, Amar and Skippy suggesting himself to look like an awkward third wheeel to the other members of the group. He's also known for taking incredibly small bites from other people's food. He still holds a grudge against Chewbacca(Emily F.) for stealing his spot in the interpretive dancing Quadfest event. He was in Wyatt's RAG, the Nyancats in 2011, one of the two third year Rags in Pegram(The 4th year dorm in 2011)and has won Quadfest every year so far. For 2011 Quadfest, he wore a white tanktop with a smily face that Alyssa painted with hairspray that read TIP! on the back. However, the smily face was porrly crafted and to many people resembled an arrow pointing down.

Lonely Matt.