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Analyssa "Analyssa Marie Lopez" Lopez is possibly the one of the greatest TiPsters ever, and this entire page is definitely a homage to her.

She was the 2010 Sexy Mama, leader of the SMP, and had a powerful alliance with one Alli Schloeman and has an unnatural obsession with Kathleen Mayer and is a follower of Mel Weyant.

She loves abbreviations, and has been known to abbrev. everything from vomit (vom) to pretty much everything else that I can't think of specifically right now (EDIT: acsh, def, presh, totes, prob, awk, jeal, etc.). She is rumored to have participated in many debaucherous TiP activities like supporting Nickelback for the llamaback and is one of the masterminds of Kathleen Mayer Day. She also performed a belly dance in the talent show with her twinzie Morgan Snow, which was questioned for tippropriateness but eventually was passed.

She is probably one of the most spirited TiPsters and spends hours creeping TiPsters on facebook, liking everything TiP related, and conspiring with Alli on how to annoy staffers post-TiP. Oh and another thing, she was one of the first tipsters to have a cross term friendship. She and Term I tipster Jordan R. often chat on Facebook.

Analyssa is so cool that Peter Sloan can't just call her Analyssa, he has to call her Analyssa Marie Lopez every time they speak. Her awesomeness can't be contained in one name.


Preceded by:
Kate shafer
Sexy Mama Succeeded by:
Cat Gallagher