Kathleen Mayer

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Kathleen Mayer
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Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2002 - 2005
Course(s) Philosophy, Books We Read Too Young, Thinking the Unthinkable,
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Life as a TiPster

Kathleen Mayer was the Llama Mama in 2005. She attended all four years at TiP, starting in 2002, when she took Philosophy at Davidson. She went on to take Books We Read Too Young, Thinking the Unthinkable, and Controversial Politics, all at East, of course. It is said she brought some special TIP magic to every function she attended, and this led to her instatement as the Llama Mama.

As a fourth year, Kathleen was the host of the Talent Show, along with Conrad Schott and Mel Weyant. She is known for her humor, general insanity, and of course, for her kickin' bad poetry Oh-noetry skillz. She was the very first to write intentionally bad Emoetry, Oh Noetry! along with Eric Mefford, another Llama Mama. This is one of the greatest legacies she has left to TIP, as the idea of emoetry spread to first term and has survived. [Edit: just to update, Emoetry, Oh Noetry! was still going strong at Term One, 2009. In fact, it was even more gothic than usual, as we were all dealing with the catastrophe that was the pandemic of Swine '09.]

Life as a Staffer

Kathleen came back as a staffer in 2010. She was appointed the roll of Resident Program Assistant which basically meant she did the jobs that no one else wanted to do/couldn't do. She was also known for her love of Staff meetings, which she attended and participated in religiously. She was by far one of the coolest staffers and was loved and adored by many TiPsters. Her mad dancing with the same :D face every song earned her a reputation for being the craziest and best dancer at TiP (Lil'Tasty would argue this). She continued she continued Bad Poetry? Oh Noetry! saga by reading some on-stage at the talent show and at TiP llore.

UPDATE: On Wednesday August 4th, her biggest fans Alli Schloeman, Analyssa Lopez, and Elise Wolf changed their Facebook profile pictures to a picture of Kathleen dancing at the second Term 2 dance. Little did they know they would start an epidemic. In less than an hour, somewhere upwards of 20 TiPsters had changed their profile pictures to this photo. Status updates abounded, and many TiPsters changed their middle names to "Kathleen Mayer" or some variation of it ("Kathleenmayer" was also popular). A group was also made in her honor, entitled "Kathleen Mayer.", which every TiPster in the wave immediately joined. This epic event was dubbed "Kathleen Mayer day" by Term 1 tipster who missed the whole thing, due to being asleep. (She was in Israel. Time differences & such.)

Poem to Kathleen by Alli Schloeman

Kathleen Mayer is a favorite

That we can’t deny.

She was terrorized on facebook

Because we think she’s pretty fly.

Kathleen didn’t have a RAG,

And she wasn’t in the termbook

But she’s tagged in TiPster’s pictures

So I guess that’s a kind of perk.

Maybe when she’s older

She’ll choose to conform

But for now we’re all happy

She resides within our dorm

Preceded by:
Maggie Bashford
Llama Mama Succeeded by:
Eric Mefford

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