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Yeah, it was that bad.

Swine Flu was an evil demon that plagued TIP in 2009. One that could not be seen, but brought pain to the entire Duke East population. It had all started in Mexico. With a pig. And a Mexican taking care of that pig. Before long, the Swine Flu (or H1N1 virus) was born, spreading throughout the world. Eventually, the monster made its way to East Campus, plaguing the Tipsters. The epidemic peaked on July 22, 2009, when Term II kids from East Campus were sent home (it should be noted that it was on Wear a Skirt Wednesday). Although TIP was not directly involved in deciding to send people home, it still sucks. Especially for the fourth years. Rather than bash the Swine Flu on various Tipwiki pages, we ask that you bash it on this page, so that we can all join in our hate for the flu together.

Testimonies and Bashings

  • "F.U., Swine Flu!" -- David "The Couch" Myers (Term II Outbreak)

  • Swine flu is possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Well, not really. But we did make posters in class about how much we hated Swine flu. Mine went: "We won't accept this, because it isn't real. The CDC is heartless, they don't know how we feel." True datttttt. I missed one and a half weeks of what was supposed to be the highlight of my summer. - Deborah Liu </3

  • Swine flu sucks. The disease itself isn't bad at all; the common cold is worse, but its effects at TIP were horrible. It took away everything that I was looking forward to in my 4th year. I left the last Monday. They wouldn't let me pack my own things, they wouldn't let me say goodbye to friends, they wouldn't let me communicate with anyone in any way. Giles sucks. --Dgood3001 (Term 1 Outbreak)

  • I was one of the first people to have the flu. I had to go to Duke Urgent Care, where the doctor didn't know anything. I spent a full week of my 4th year at home, going crazier and crazier each day. After it was all over, I got a $542 bill from urgent care. The weirdest part was that I was fine within 48 hours of my diagnosis, but still had to wait at home for four more days. The CDC blows. The swine flu blows. Duke Urgent Care blows. May the pig who started this flu burn in swine hell for all eternity. --John Vaughan (Term 1 Outbreak)

  • I came both Term I and II, and had both ruined by this stupid plague. I am now at home with a fever of 101, and I am miserable and friendless. --DancingKitten 21:14, 24 July 2009 (UTC)Cat Hollander

  • I went to Term II and going home was awful. I didn't get the flu, but I'm diagnosing myself with Post TraumaTIP Stress Disorder. Just thinking about all the things we missed because of the swine flu breaks my heart. Seeing Harry Potter on RAG night, The One (the real one, not the marketplace one), Quadfest, The Bulls game, Lip Synch, ADF Friday, Thug Thursday, Swine Flu Sunday, the whole last week of class, the Talent Show, both other dances, the Last Night. It's horrible. -- Anonymous

  • I was one of the last twenty or thirty tipsters to leave and I have to say that walking through empty dorms is one of the loneliest things in the world. Being permanently on the verge of tears is no fun either. I llove TiP with all my heart and I hope that nothing as terrible as this ever happens again. -- Anonymous

  • Swine Flu ruined my life. --Danny Richey (Term 2 Outbreak)

  • Swine Flu is kinda stupid. --Max Silbiger (Term 2 Outbreak)

  • Swine flu sucks. I, as a lowly 2nd year (am I a third year now? Can we really say the term ended?), still know close to nothing about TIP traditions. Trust me, 1 1/2 weeks is not enough to fully grasp the concepts of the Llama, Vermonster, Quadzilla, Quale, etc., etc. See? I don't even know what I missed there! I don't even know if I spelled those right! On a diffferent note, my friend(s) and I have made a Ning social network for those of us who attended TIP 2.5 (go to However, if you decide to join even though you did not attend TIP 2.5, you will be subsequently hunted down and beaten viciously with various H1N1-infected weapons. :) -- "Anonymous"

  • Swine Flue needs to go crawl in a whole and die. I mean, really?? WHY US?? Couldn't there have been an outbreak at Young Writers or something? I can honestly say that I was looking forward to this term since the day I left Davidson last summer. And the fact that we only got 1.5 weeks kinda sucks... just a little bit. I was a second year this term, and I don't feel like I was able to experience all the EPIC traditions... *sigh*. I guess there is next summer... But I swear... If swine flu strikes again next summer... I don't even want to thing about it. I llove TIP! And I can't wait for next summer --Mackenzie Cole, 2nd Year (Term 2 Outbreak)

  • Swine Flu ruined the most epic term so far. Based on the time we did have, I can only imagine how much greater the remaining 1.5 weeks would have been. After walking through empty dorms and saying goodbye to (almost) everyone much earlier than I should have, I only hope no more damage will be done by the infectious swine. --Sarah Abusaa (Term 2 Outbreak)

  • I like bacon. --Michael He (Term 2 Outbreak)

  • I was the first one in term 2 to get swine flu, only 3 days in. Being a fourth year, i feel like more than anyone, what was supposed to be my greatest year at TIP was stolen from me by a pig. I mean, I'm a vegetarian!! I did nothing to the swine to deserve being shipped to West and barely getting to say goodbye to my friends. My stay on East was so short that I could be very easily convinced that I wasn't there at all. The swine flu ruined my summer, and took the only time that I am around people who completely understand me. I did not get my fourth year circle during American Pie, my leading of the Time Warp, my trip to Duke Chapel, my Emo Monday, my Pandafail, my TIPquanox, my Wear a Skirt Wednesday (which I brought dresses specifically for...) not to mention the traditions that would have taken place if the term had continued as planned. Honey's Diner. Need I say more? --Lydia Ford (The first of the Term 2 Outbreak)

  • I only got half of my fourth year! I didn't get to say bye to many friends and I don't know if I'll ever see them again. Swine flu also ruined the "last night" by making it end at midnight. If Term II was the best term in a while (possibly ever) imagine what it would have been had it been complete! We didn't even got to honor our fallen comrades with Swine Flu Sunday! --Michael James (Term II Outbreak)

  • One point five weeks in my last year of TIP? A roommate for one night? I was the first quarantined (tickle in my throat during first screening) and was kept in quarantip until Tuesday at 5, and they didn't give me lunch or dinner Sunday. But if you do the math, that's approximately 1 month in TIP time. Just to say I don't have Swine. And my roommate was quarantined Wednesday with a confirmed case of flu. So this year was fantastic for the 11 days it lasted. But everyone knows that it should have been more. Those of us (myself not included) who were slaving over TIPsynch, Talent Show, and other endeavors almost wasted time. But how were we to know that when we said goodbye at breakfast, we'd never see that friend again? Much love to the CDC as well. --Steph Connor (Term II Outbreak)

  • A few nights before the shut down East II, everyone was freaking out because they mistook a Bassett meeting about theft for one about Swine. Just as I was dismissing the thought that we may actually close, they made the announcement. I somehow managed to keep cool for a few minutes, but some of the things I saw following the announcement were completely heartbreaking: best friends hugging, people crying, making the call home, spending the night without a roommate. I was the 5th or 6th person left on campus. I'd like to say I saw it all. However, despite the losses, I must admit that the last few days were completely amazing. The "what are they going to do, send us home?" attitude caused me, and several others, to branch out and make real memories that my friends at home don't believe. That I don't even believe. Anyway, long story short, Swine Flu sucked but East II/1.5 ROCKED. And I feel bad for those TIPsters who did not migrate to Atlanta when term ended. --Emily Fry (Term II Outbreak, Video soon)