Cat Gallagher

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Cat Gallagher
Not Staged
Campus(es) Davidson, Duke East
Attended 2008 - 2011
Course(s) Creative Writing; Big Screen, Little Screen; Microeconomics; Philosophy in Literature & Film
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Cat Gallagher will attain her lifelong dream of wearing an orange lanyard in the year 2011. Not only that but she will carry on the TiP tradition (tradish) of SMP Sexy Mama. Cat was given the SMP by Analyssa Lopez at the talent show on the last night of Term 2 2010. This came as no shock to the fourth years, as Analyssa had been pointing her out to her friends allll term as the "next Sexy Mama."

Cat is in a very precious relationship with James Hunter The Joker the boy with a million names Archer. I don't know much about their relationship except that it's precious. They make their statuses about each other & it's really cute.

NEWAY. Cat should be one of the greatest Sexy Mama's to ever roam Duke East Campus (and anywhere TiP takes her), spreading TiP spirit & llove to all TiPsters. I'd wish her lluck but she doesn't need it :)

According to James, Cat was voted the most beautiful girl to ever exist in an issue of Time Magazine that never printed. True Story.

She is also a DJ on TiP-Radio.

Preceded by:
Analyssa Lopez
Sexy Mama Succeeded by:
Lexi Stewart