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TiP-Radio is a series of online live broadcasts that generally include TiP songs, jokes, TiP trivia, and other miscellaneous (but interesting) topics.

The broadcasts usually attract around 50 listeners per night, but TiP-Radio is still growing and is expanding.


During the broadcasts, listeners can tune in and chat with other listeners in the common room, which can be found here. It is here that song requests and shout-outs are made, so make sure you check the Common Room out when a broadcast is going.

The information for broadcasts is all shared on the Facebook page, including airing schedules and what might be broadcasted for an airing.


TiP-Radio may have been inspired by Geoff's RC group's daily serenade sessions at the University of Georgia in 2011. As the two DJs who started TiP-Radio are from his RC group, they may not have wanted the music to end.

Current Status

Due to the fact that all of the DJ's are well beyond 4th year, and the fact that the original DJ's are in college, TIP-Radio has been placed on an indefinite hiatus. Should any TIPster wish to revamp this wonderful thing, post it on the TIP Nation Facebook page.

However, KJ4UBL is interested in reviving TIP-Radio, but does not have a Facebook (shocker, I know.), and thus cannot comment on the TIP Nation page. See the talk page.