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What else is there to say? At TIP Sync during term 2 on Duke West 2k14. Benny's rag decided that they would preform a very original piece for their TIP sync complete with no actual lip syncing and a "woman" who was actually Nathan cross dressing. It fact, it was so original that no one had heard of it before (except for Benny because he was the one who suggested it rumor has). Despite the fact that the song doesn't deserve to be called a song by any means, and was described by unknown chach as the " worst modern art performance in all of history " and the fact that they did not win, it soon exploded in popularity. People all over the camp were singing the chorus and because it was so catchy everyone joined in at some point.

The way that a "IM DA BES" sing along is initiated is that someone raises their right hand into the air with their index finger pointed skywards at about a 75 degree angle. Soon after someone who can accurately do the base line starts and after a while there are countless Tipsters singing along to it. It is usually preformed before meals at Penn Pavilion or wherever large amounts of people are congregated, O Commons, K quad, etc

During the very first dance which was Neon rave themed, it was played to the entire crowd who followed suit with the traditional one finger salute ( Benny's rag must feel so proud of themselves). After the dance when everyone had swallowed the Sahara and then some, Rohan managed to get together enough breath to walk around the halls playing IM DA BESS on his saxophone, much to the amusement of everyone.

The lyrics can be found on Rapgenius ( with annotations from yours truly XD) and the music video on youtube in case y'all are curious


Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag


Standing on a car Feenga in da air Wit some womens with my feengas in dey hair Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag Swag Yes I be da 1 dat win streetfighter turnumints Make $1,00000000000(a million dollars) witout even ernin it I got da hyest score n da world on my s.a.t Swag And den I went 2 Everest to lrn how 2 slang dem trees I don’t hav 2 count 2 know I’m werth a bill yun U KNO WHUT? BIGGA #(number) I AM WERTH A GILLYUN I’m Da Bes at watchin 1990′s Videos Powa Rainjas(power rangers) All dat Kenan Kel – Aw here it goes Swag I’m Da Bes @ Makin Beets Das rite my voice da track And my swag is off da charts Das a fak (That’s a fact)


I did it

My car move When I ain’t drivin it (swag) My car pool It’s gotta slyde n it At the target rainj scoring all da headshots TEEBAGGIN YALL LIPTONS ON DA ROCS Went to Maury and he say dad baby ain’t mine (swag) Just fo lyn I throd dad dum skank on top of a mine NOW DAT KIDS AN ORPHAN AND IMDABES DAS A CHEKM8 We Playin Ches My feega in da sky so much I got araseddfasdfis Now Thairs so much gold on things I tuch they think I’m Midis Now Sum 1 put a crown on my hed I am ur Hinis Now I betchoo thout u were da bes




Now put yo feengas in da sky if u kno I am dabesssss Yeahh….. Put yo feengas in da sky if u know I am dabesssss

Swag Swag swag swag I did it

Benny's RAG (Benny and the Jets):

  • Will Clauss,
  • Tray Archer,
  • Jay Lee,
  • Nick Escobar,
  • Griffin Allen,
  • Garrett Stoler,
  • Will Wright,
  • Nathan Wenger,
  • Fabio Zihlmann,
  • Whitaker Mercer,
  • Maxwell Harkness

The Fourth Years have created a new version called "WESTDABES" Enjoy


Standin' on the roof, lanyard in da air.

With some 4th years wit our fists up in da air

Yes we be the ones that win da science tournaments

Spend four thousand dollars with out even earnin' it

We got the highest scores in the land on our ACTs

And den we went to Duke West to learn how to make machines

We don't have to think to know we are the future kings

You know what, bigger picture we are the kings of the world

West da bes at watchin last year's TiPSync videos

Reece in dresses all that Booty Dew aw here it goes

West da bes at making sandstorms, American Pie

And our swag is off the charts, dat's a fact


We Time Warp, when we ain't Warpin it

Our Penn Pav, it's got a dance in it

The end of the world, scoring all the high-fives

We foolin yall, you just, lost the game

Went to the east and they said that Vermon-ster mine

Jus fo lyin I threw that eastie on top of "Group-Sex"

Now that buckets Nathan's

And West Da Bes

That's a GG

They playing League

My lanyard in the air so much I gotta backpack now

There's so much win on things I touch they think I'm Team Team now

Some one gave me a blue lanyard I'm your OSD now

I bet you thought you were the bes, minus now



Put your lanyards in the air if you know West da bes! (x2)

Swag swag swag swag swag

We did it